Stagiest Place In The World!?

Photo from @abbyxdavidson on twitter x

Coffee, Cakes and Stagey Tunes! What more could anyone possibly need? The Theatre Cafe is exactly what it says on the tin – a cafe for every and any theatre fan. With two cafes in the heart of the west end its easy to reach between a two show day or for a quick snack before a performance!

Photos from @XDisney_MixerX on twitter xx

The two theatres are situated at 99 St. Martins Lane London and 66 Shaftesbury Avenue London! Both in prime locations only a few minutes away walk from many theatres and other restaurants and tourist attractions!

The cafe is filled with show props and references so if youre a fan of only one show or all of them there is something for you! The stagey (and very varied) menu will give you all the musical theatre puns you could ever need and accompanied by the jukebox you can play whatever song you would like! You could easily spends hours in there looking at all the decorations and is a great place for a stagey photoshoot! An added bonus is that you can buy tickets at the cafe! No need to wander around the outdoor London ticket booths when you can spend your day relaxing in the stagiest environment in London

The cafe also hosts an open mic (Tuesdays and Sundays) so you can broadcast your talents for all of the cafe to hear and see on their gorgeous stage! They also have many events where casts of shows go to preform, be interviewed and meet some fans.

The socials for the cafe if you wanted to see it in more detail are

@thetheatrecafe on twitter

@theatrecafeuk on instagram

You can also find their website and youtube channel by searching “The Theatre Cafe”

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Summer Photography

Hi everyone! I can’t believe its the end of Summer already but I’m so excited for cosy nights and autumn wardrobe and fashion! I slacked a bit with blogging over Summer but I’m ready to start back up over autumn and winter! Here are some random pictures from the summer and I hope you enjoy! If you do like my photos feel free to like the post and follow my blog for more 🙂 Thank you so much! Love Niamh xx

Summer Lipsticks!

Summer is right around the corner and I am so so excited for it to be lovely weather and all of the amazing stuff summer has to offer us. I also love the new range of makeup that is open to us all when it is in its warmer months. The makeup is more light and colourful and I really enjoy being able to wear pink lipsticks!! So in this post I will be showing my 5 favourite lipsticks/ lip glosses to wear in summer.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick- Relentlessly Red

This lipstick is so gorgeous, it is a stunning pink/red matte lipstick and it is stunning. I really like matte looks even in summer because you do not have to worry about the colour coming off. An added bonus, the packaging is so simple and beautiful and it smells like cake!!

NYX Butter Gloss- Maple Blondie

This lipgloss is so fun! It is extremely cheap and an amazing quality. The colour is gorgeous and pink but it is not too bright and is lovely and glossy but it does not leave a sticky feeling on your lips. I like the variety of NYX butter gloss colours because there are so many and loads of lovely ones for summer!

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid- Electric Pink

This liquid lipstick is so bright and stunning and I love the vibrance of it and I think it is such a staple lipstick. It gives me such a summer vibe and I really love how good the quality looks and it is a very good price for what the quality was.

Revlon Colourstay- Sorbet

This is a stunning lipstick which is more of a lip balm, it is very moisturising but it is also pigmented. There are a variety of colours but this one is my personal favourite because I think that it looks the most vibrant- I also love how it is such a good price.

Collection Cream Puff- Candy Floss

I have had this for ages, and for such a small tub it has lasted ages! It so so moisturising and it has a really good colour pay off. It is extremely cheap and amazing quality, I love the colour of this one because it isn’t too vibrant but it is still a gorgeous pink colour! I could not recommend this one more!

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Morphe Palette Review – 350M

I love eye-shadow palettes! Where makeup is concerned they are probably one of my favourite things to buy because there are just so many and there is such a huge variety of differences: brands, formulas, and colours! My friends and family now this as well, so I often get them for my birthday. One of those being this palette: the morphs 350M!

The morphe palettes range from £10 – £40, depending on which size you get and whether it is a cola with a makeup influencer!

They all have very sleek, black, matte packaging and they have white lettering with the word “MORPHE” on it. The size of the packaging is pretty big as the palette has 35(!!!!) different colour pans in it. Compared to the size of the palette it is very light so although it would take up a lot of room in a suitcase- it will not add much weight to it.

The 350M has 35 nude matte colours, so it is perfect for people who need a more subtle palette in their collection or like working with simple colours – although there are a few reds and oranges that make a perfect smokey eye. Sadly they do not have any names so I can’t pick a favourite but I do love some of the milk chocolate colours.

I really like the quality of these shadows because they all blend extremely well and are very pigmented but are also very build-able, I think it is the perfect gift because it can suit everyones needs!

Overall, I really like this product because I think it is very simple and gorgeous, but I think that it is not the best eyeshadow palette to buy if you want more varied colours.

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Travel Tag

Who doesn’t love travel?? Traveling around the world is adored by so many people, me included! As usual with my tags I haven’t actually been tagged but i enjoy doing them haha!! If you want to do it feel free and let me know because I’d love to read them.

•What countries have you already travelled to?

I’ve been to Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. I think that’s it – I can’t really remember and I would love to go everywhere else!!

•Which destination is the number one on your bucket list?

This is so hard to narrow it down to just one!! I’m going to have to go past the one boundary – whoops – I would absolutely love to go to New York and a few other places in America. I’d also love to see the Maldives or a gorgeous tropical island!!

•What is your most ideal holiday?

I love sun so much so any holiday to do with sun! I’d love to go to a place that has an amazing city and shops but also an amazing beach and pool place so maybe like miami or somewhere like that! If anyone has a cute beach house in Miami and wants to give a girl a holiday send me a message hahaha! I do love ski holidays though so on a nice mountain village with a gorgeous log cabin as I think that would be such a beautiful holiday!

•Which place did you think was so special that you would love to go back?

I really, really, loved Nice when I went last year because it was gorgeous and there was so so much to do and so many places to visit I am sure that i would be able to spend a good few months exploring and sunbathing on all of the beaches. I would love to go back, it was amazing.

•Show us your favourite holiday photo!

these are only a few of my faves I have so so so many!!

•Who do you mostly go on holiday with?

I usually go with my family and I have been with my friends and my larger family and I love it so much being able to spend it with people that I know!

Would you rather go on a ski- or a sun vacation?

Sun all the way definitely!! I love sun holidays so very much and I do enjoy ski holidays but I would just sun any day of the week!

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Theatre Tag

Hi everyone! I thought this tag would be quite different and interesting because although I do often do tags they aren’t usually on this topic. If you wanted to do this tag please feel free and comment your link so I can read it!!

What was the first musical you ever saw?

I think it was probably Mama Mia or Footloose with my mum and cousin when we were younger.

What was your favourite musical growing up?

I didn’t really have one specific one but I used to like listening to Les Mis with my auntie, and I religiously watch the film adaptation so probably Les Mis.

Were you ever in a musical?

I was in my school productions in year 7 and year 8 which were grease and return to the forbidden planet, but I realised I had no talent for it and I actually did it for the time off school so I stopped.

What was the first musical you saw in the West End

It was Hamilton last summer! It was amazing

If you could be any female character in any musical who would you be?

I have such a long list of people but my main ones would probably be all the queens in Six: The musical, because I think that all of them have incredible songs and stories and I think it would be absolutely incredible to be in an all girl company. Also Angelica from Hamilton because she is such a powerful figure, and Jenna in waitress because I wish I had that talent.

If you could be any male character in any musical who would you be and why?

Probably Aaron Burr from Hamilton because I just want to preform “The room where it happened” because it is iconic!

Favourite musical song to sing in the shower?

Whipped into shape because that song is so fun and upbeat, get down because I think it is such a good song to scream to, defying gravity because no one can hear my awful attempts. I also have a lot more but I don’t want to go too over the top!

Who is your favourite musical theatre actress?

It would definitely be Vicki Manser who was in Bat Out of Hell but is now in Six, she is a swing and she is extremely talented it blows my mind! She is the sweetest person ever and basically an angel because of how inspiring and kind she is! She has covers on youtube if you want to see how incredible she is!

Who is your favourite musical theatre actor?

If I am honest I don’t necessarily have a favourite but I have a lot of love to the men of hamilton because they are all so incredible and so talented!

Favourite film adaptation of a musical?

I love Les Mis because I think it made me so much more into musicals and I can tell I am going to adore the new In the Heights movie that is coming out soon!

Most overrated musical?

Definitely phantom or lion king I don’t know why I just do not like them and do not et the hype

Which musical made you laugh

There are a lot of aspects in Six that make me laugh because it is just so funny, I also think that Cabaret has a lot of funny aspects to it.

What musical made you cry?

Hamilton and Les Mis! Every. Single. Time

Which musicals are you dying to see?

Top of my list are Come from away, Waitress and & Juliet but I have an extremely long list.

All time favourite musical?

Hamilton! Always, because it means a lot to me in more than it just being a show but also as a show it is extremely brilliant and I could not tire of watching it.

Thank you so much for reading! Love, Niamh XXX

Stagey Day Out In London

Hello everyone!! Sorry for not being so active I have been sooo busy!! So I was in London – again- to see a musical- again. Whoops??

We arrived at 11:30 and got the tube to leicester square so that we could wander around the theatres and visit the theatre cafe, which was everything!! If you love theatre you need to go, and in June they are opening a bigger one!

We stayed in there quite a while and then at around 12:30 we walked all the way through to Victoria, it was a gorgeous day and the walk was lovely because we walked past Buckingham palace.

Then we got to Victoria and got to the stunning Victoria Palace Theatre, where Hamilton is!

We were sat in the grand row B and our seats were amazing! Everything was so visible and nothing was restricted at all! Next time I am stalls B and i cant wait to see it for a third time so close up!!

The show was incredible as always and i would highly highly recommend, the details from the costume – choreography- lighting – set and everything else is impeccable and I am so lucky to have seen it again! I absolutely adore theatre so I will hopefully get more opportunities to write about it!!

Thank you soo much for reading I really appreciate it! Love, Niamh Xx


HI, welcome or welcome back to my blog! So spring has officially sprung and I am so excited because that means it’s getting warmer and its one step closer to summer!!! I can’t wait!

I feel like spring is such a good season because it is getting warmer but it’s not too hot and all of the summer clothes come out so I have an excuse to buy an excessive amount of sun- dresses (I’ve already got my basket ready) and every where is so much more aesthetically pleasing! I hope that due to the sprig coming my mood feels a lot happier and I become a lot more inspired to write!

Another love I have for spring is the makeup gets more dewy and brighter so I need to stack up on pink lipsticks! I am also very excited to go out and be able to take some stunning pictures for this blog and my scrapbook!

I think I way do a spring “Look book” kind of post where I show you some of the outfits I will be ordering this spring/ summer!

Please comment your favourite season below!! Love, Niamh XX

Battle of the Setting Sprays

Hi everyone, today is going to be comparing two different drugstore setting sprays, this is very similar to a normal review but I thought that it would be much more interesting and helpful to compare two different setting sprays.

The two setting sprays are:

  • ELF Matte Magic mist + set
  • L’OREAL Infalible Fixing Mist

Firstly, the e.l.f spray is much smaller as it has 60ml and the l’oreal spray has 100ml, however the e.l.f spray has much nicer packaging as it is sleek black and it just looks a lot nicer in your makeup draws/ on your desk compared to the l’oreal one.

So far I think that I am reaching for the L’oreal one a lot more when I am doing everyday makeup because it keeps it matte for a long time, but mainly, because there is more product and I do not want to use the E.L.F one all up. When I am using the Elf one, it is keeping my makeup on for a long time and the physical spray is lot better and more even than the L’oreal one. Another disadvantage of the L’oreal one is that there is sometimes white residue left one your face.

Overall, I like them both in different ways as the elf one is probably a better product but there is a lot less product so I think it is what you prefer as the L’oreal one isn’t that different and still works very well as a setting spray.

Thank you for reading, Love Niamh


Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation Review

Hi, everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today is going to be a first impression/ review on the Milani conceal and prefect foundation review, because it is new and I think that these reviews can be really useful!

I got this from beauty bay for around £13, which is a good amount for a foundation but obviously there are other cheaper ones from places like Revlon, and other drugstore brands. I got it in the shade 00 Light Natural and there was an okay shade range however, they could add more. I also really like the packaging because I think it is very sleek and cute as it has a pop of gold and then just black which I really like.

It claims it is “Medium to full coverage” however when I tried it I found that I needed to use a few layers to make it between medium and full coverage, this also made it look quite thick and cakey. As I do have pretty oily skin I make sure to look for foundations that say they are oil-free and quite matte, as this one does. I did find that it was very matte and didn’t make me look oily. I didn’t wear it for a full day because I didn’t need to so I am not sure about how long lasting it is but it looks very long lasting when it is on as it has a matte- finish

So far, I do like this foundation but it is quite thick so I probably won’t use it for everyday but I may grow to love it! I’d love to hear your opinions if you’ve got this! Thank you, Love Niamh Xxx