Matte Me Lipsticks| BUY OR BYE

Hi all, it’s me again (obviously) I hope you’ve all had a lovely day or night or whatever…. The last “buy or bye” blog I did was by far my favourite post I’ve done yet and it was the most liked and seen one so I thought I would do another one, this time aboutContinue reading “Matte Me Lipsticks| BUY OR BYE”

The bast way to have a pamper evening!

Hi guys, welcome back. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, today I am going to be talking about pamper evenings. We all need pamper days or nights to relax after a stressful week or before doing something nice like your birthday or days like that. Im going to be talking you through whatContinue reading “The bast way to have a pamper evening!”

Revolution Palettes- BUY OR BYE??

Hi Guys, welcome back Today I’m going to be reviewing 3 makeup revolution palettes. **These are my palettes and all opinions are my own** I honestly love makeup revolution but I dont have many of their products because I always just test them out in the shop and never end up buying them, but IContinue reading “Revolution Palettes- BUY OR BYE??”