March favourites

Hi everyone, As it is the end is march today I'm going to be going through what things I have been loving. ¬†From makeup to chocolate and everything in between I'm just gonna say what it is and why I like them, because that's what you do in a favourites blog haha. MAKEUP I will... Continue Reading →

Revolution Palettes- BUY OR BYE??

Hi Guys, welcome back Today I'm going to be reviewing 3 makeup revolution palettes. **These are my palettes and all opinions are my own** I honestly love makeup revolution but I dont have many of their products because I always just test them out in the shop and never end up buying them, but I... Continue Reading →

Get to know me Tag

  Hi, Today I'm going to be doing a tag with random questions and then you can learn more about me. If you're reading this I tag you to do it and let your readers learn more about you. I was also thinking about whether to make a twitter for this blog post so my... Continue Reading →

Revision Tips

Hi, even though its not really exam season, we have been having loads of tests and I think these are helpful throughout the whole year if you have any small tests or your big exams... Start early, everyone says this but you should start revising early so that you can go through more content and... Continue Reading →

Travel bucket list

Hi, Today I'm going to be saying the places I most want to visit/ re-visit because I love to travel and visit all over the world. When I am in a few years I want to travel for six months alone, or with a friend as I think that would be really good to discover... Continue Reading →

Blogging Goals

Hi, So I have officially made my blog and as I want to do this for a while I am going to make some goals for this year so I can try to continue and carry on doing this.. they will be simple goals as I'm not trying to achieve to much but I still... Continue Reading →


Hi, My name is Niamh (nevee) and I love to write and take pictures. These blogs are going to be about fashion, beauty and just life. I like to buy clothes, makeup and random pretty things but I always try to find ways to get things cheap. I love to travel and I would love... Continue Reading →

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