Travel bucket list


Today I’m going to be saying the places I most want to visit/ re-visit because I love to travel and visit all over the world. When I am in a few years I want to travel for six months alone, or with a friend as I think that would be really good to discover new things and places about yourself.

  1. New York -I would love to go to New York City because its beautiful in both, Winter and Summer and all of the shops, buildings and monuments. I think it is one of the most stunning cities in the world and I would love to stay there in the centre.
  2. Bora Bora -I think Bora-Bora looks like one of the nicest places on the planet because of all the sea and the huts look so amazing, but to stay there it costs a lot of money.
  3. Paris(again) – I loved Paris the first time I went because it was so picturesque and interesting, all of the basic tourist attractions are so nice and the river is so beautiful.
  4. Mykonos – It’s such a beautiful place and the weather looks amazing. I would love to visit here with my friends because it would look amazing.
  5. Fiji- I think this is like Bora- Bora in the same way I want to go because of how beautiful it is and the sea
  6. Barcelona- It’s such a beautiful place and I’m going in September with friends and school, so I’m very excited because of how amazing it looks
  7. Bordeaux- I love France so much and this city just looks absolutely incredible so I would love to visit. I feel like every where in France is amazing like the skiing and the south and just the big cities.
  8. Amalfi Coast- Italy is gorgeous and as you can tell, I just love the beach so I would adore it here because its so picturesque and stunning.

I know this list will grow over time because the more I delve into places and countries the more places I want to visit so I will continue to make more of these, probably.

Love, Niamh

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