Revision Tips


even though its not really exam season, we have been having loads of tests and I think these are helpful throughout the whole year if you have any small tests or your big exams…

  1. Start early, everyone says this but you should start revising early so that you can go through more content and go into more detail with what you are revising
  2. Cue cards, write questions on cue cards and get people to test you you can write loads of different things in them like dates for history, vocab for languages or just random questions for other lessons and then get someone to test you
  3. Past papers, these are really good for practice questions and showing you what it will be like in the exam you can find loads of these on different websites if you just google the paper you are dong (for example “AQA history”)
  4. Voice recordings, for any language tests, especially for speaking, you can record your self or someone else speaking the language and listen to them when you are going out, in the car and other places because then your pronunciation will be better because you will know how to say it
  5. Mind maps, mind maps are a great way for visual learners to learn because you can link things together if you didn’t realise they were linked, you shouldn’t spend to much time making them look nice but you can still put effort in so you want to look at them.
  6. Quizlet, is an amazon website which you can use to learn any subject really and you can play games and do quizzes etc
  7. Notes, put notes all around your house in places you know you will see them so you can learn them, when you are doing other things like making breakfast or brushing your teeth.
  8. Rewards, treat yourself after you’ve done some revision like snacks or a TV programme or if you revise for a full week/month buy some clothes or go out so that you have motivation to revise.
  9. List, these are so helpful to show what you need to do and what you need to revise so you focus on the important things rather than things that you don’t need to know or is just extra detail. They can also help organise your whole day rather than just revision
  10. NO Distractions, don’t revise in front of the TV or near your phone if you have to you can listen to music but only classical music or smooth music not upbeat because it will s=distract you from revising

What are your tips for revising?

Love Niamh xxx

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