Get to know me Tag



Today I’m going to be doing a tag with random questions and then you can learn more about me. If you’re reading this I tag you to do it and let your readers learn more about you. I was also thinking about whether to make a twitter for this blog post so my readers can read about other things and give me opinions on what to write. Comment if you think I should do this. Without further ado… Here’s the tag

Favourite colour? 

my favourite colour is probably pretty basic as it’s rose gold because I just think it’s such a beautiful colour and it’s really girly which is my kind of style.

Cats or dogs ?

this on is easy for me, dogs all the way!

How many countries have you been too?

to be honest I couldn’t count but its quite a few because my family loves to travel

Favourite drink?

I love pink lemonade lucozade (healthy, I know) I could literally drink this all day everyday, but I don’t want my teeth to fall out

Tea or coffee?

I am British so obviously tea

Favourite/ least favourite subject

I love French, Spanish, history and English Lit but I can’t do maths or science so they are definitely my least favourite subjects

Describe your fashion sense

I think my fashion sense differs, I love to wear girly outfits and anything with black jeans. I love to wear cropped hoodies and nice t-shirts. I would say my ideal style is a mix between Blair and Serena from gossip girl

Ideal first date? 

I would love to do something original, rather than going out to a restaurant, maybe going out to the beach or looking at the stars where you can have a meaningful conversation with someone, I think it would be the best way to connect with someone new.

That’s all, thank you for reading comment down below what your ideal first date ii!

Love, Niamh




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