Revolution Palettes- BUY OR BYE??

Hi Guys, welcome back

Today I’m going to be reviewing 3 makeup revolution palettes. **These are my palettes and all opinions are my own** I honestly love makeup revolution but I dont have many of their products because I always just test them out in the shop and never end up buying them, but I have a few palettes so I thought I would just test those out and tell you whether I recommend them. Without further ado…..


This palette comes with 12 shimmer eyeshadows, 6 mattes and a huge mirror. It also comes with one of those little brushes that aren’t helpful and no-one uses them haha.


I think that the shimmers are quite random colours and I would be more likelymto use the mattes because they are nude colours and they’re more what I draw too but they are very pretty colours.


The pigmentation is okay considering its only a drugstore product and the mattes definitely have a better pigmentation.

Overall I like this palette but its not my favourite.


Firstly the packaging on this is so pretty the colour is just gorgeous so it draws your eyes to it straight away. Inside there are 32 eyeshadows and a big mirror, with a mix of shimmers and mattes but mainly mattes.


The colours are ranging from browns to pinks and they are all very autumnal and lovely. They are quite pigmented, about the same as the other one which you could probably guess because its the same brand.


Overall I think this is a very nice palette and I would recommend this one very much.


Yet again the packaging on this is very pretty, it’s the same as flawless 3 because they are from the same range and they look so nice together. Inside there are 32 colours ranging with shimmers and mattes and the mirror is the same size.


The colours in this one are more pinky and they are more on that side the spectrum whereas the other one was more on the brown side. The colours are quite pigmented, shocking I know. And I really like the formula these eyeshadows are made into.


Overall I would recommend this product as well because it is good for the amount it is and the colours are stunning.


Out of all of these palettes my favourite is FLAWLESS 3 and if you like the look of any of these you can buy them from here

Thats all for today, comment below your favourite eyeshadow palette of all time!

Love, Niamh




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