The bast way to have a pamper evening!

Hi guys, welcome back. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, today I am going to be talking about pamper evenings. We all need pamper days or nights to relax after a stressful week or before doing something nice like your birthday or days like that. Im going to be talking you through what I usually do on a pamper night and other things you can do if you want. So lets just get on with it….

Firstly I will run myself a nice bath and use a lush bath bomb and bath melt or whatever bath products I can use or what kind of mood I am feeling. While that is running I will take my makeup off and get my hair out of my face by either tying it up or using a “spa” headband. I love having a nice bubbly bath to soak in whilst I watch some youtube videos or Netflix episodes. Usually as well I shave my legs in the bah because I love doing it and the way my legs feel after doing it, but I know it stresses some people out and they don’t like doing it so if you don’t like it, don’t do it.


When I get out I usually put on my PJS and leave my hair out of my face and then I will out a facemark on for 15 minutes and make myself a cup of tea. After I’ve taken my facemark off I will just do my normal skincare routine (if you’d like to see a blog post on that comment below♥) and maybe add a few extra things that I don’t use all the time. I will then put a film on or a TV show and watch that for a while whilst I do my skincare.


Then when I’ve finished my skincare I will tan my legs and then do my nails. I find doing these so relaxing because I just love doing things like that. I will also watch some Netflix and then do some colouring at the same time so that I can be fully relaxed I. I will then get into bed and read some of my book or a magazine and then I sleep.


I hope you found that quite interesting and comment below what you do on your pamper nights. Thanks for reading

Love, Niamh Xxx


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