Matte Me Lipsticks| BUY OR BYE

Hi all, it’s me again (obviously) I hope you’ve all had a lovely day or night or whatever….

The last “buy or bye” blog I did was by far my favourite post I’ve done yet and it was the most liked and seen one so I thought I would do another one, this time about the sleek Matte Me lipsticks. I have 4 minis that this post is going to be about because I just thought it would be easier to do it as the ones that came in the set.♥



This is a metallic matte lip cream in the shade volcanic and the colour in the tube is like a metlalic-y purple. The packaging is very basic but it’s sleek (which is probably why the company is called it, duh) and as it’s a mini it is very small but its got quite a lot of product in it and it is good to travel with.


When you swatch it the colour is not very pigmented so it would be good on top of a matte lipstick as a topper because on its own the colour might not come through. The colour is very pretty and its very purple when it comes out and the metallic bit looks so beautiful.


It take a little while to dry but when it does it isn’t to drying because as it says it is a cream. It’s very inexpensive and beautiful so if you can still get your hands on it I would recommend you to buy this.


This is another metallic one and in the tube it looks a darker purple and the glitter looks very pretty. The packaging is the same because they are all from the same set so they are all the same.


Yet again when you swatch it is not that pigmented and the colour is a dark purple and when you put it in the light it goes a lighter purple, which is very pretty. I love the way metallic look and they are so out there and I like having different lip colours from brights to nudes.


Again it takes a while to dry because of how the formula is a cream but it isn’t drying and it is very nice on your lips. This is inexpensive as well (because they’re from a set lol)


This one isn’t a metallic one and it is a very pretty deep red colour which is so pretty for autumn. The packaging is the same as the other ones. who would have thought? haha.


When you swatch this one is very pigmented it comes a gorgeous cherry colour and it’s honestly the most amazing colour for fall, I’m in love.


It drys pretty quickly and it is slightly drying but not too much for you to want to take it off. I love the way this one looks and it is very inexpensive and I’m pretty sure you can buy a full sized one.


This one isn’t metallic and in the tube it is a very pretty colour. It is like a dark nude, and the packaging is the same obviously and I love the way they look together as a set.


When you swatch it, it is so pigmented and I’m in love with the colour because it is such a pretty nude colour and its honesty so amazing to me. You could easily wear this on a night out or just going out for coffee or anywhere in-between.


This one dries quite quickly as well and it is slightly drying but the colour and the rest makes up for it, they also stay on very well and overall they look amazing. You can definitely buy this on online

Overall I definitely recommend this set because all of the colours are beautiful and the consistency is honestly amazing. If you want to buy them you can find some of them here


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy this post 🙂 comment below your favourite lipstick brand. 

Love, Niamh



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