Port De Pollenca

As I'm dreaming about summer I thought I would reminisce about last summer and where I went away... Port De Pollenca is a small port in the north of Majorca and is in the bay of Pollenca. We went for two weeks and stayed right at the beach. We were a few minutes walk form... Continue Reading →

Spring Wishlist!

It"s finally spring!!! The fashion and makeup aspect for spring is the best part of the season, as well as the colours and weather haha! My Wishlist consists of clothes and makeup that I can wear in mainly spring and summer. Because I have to wear a back brace under my top I have t... Continue Reading →

Trying new products!

The other day I went shopping and the only things I bought that were makeup were primers and foundation from Boots. As I have only used them a few times I'm going to give my first impressions on them after I tried them. L'OREAL INFAILLIBLE MATTIFYING PRIMER This primer was £8.99, and it doesn't look... Continue Reading →

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Unboxing

Helloo, today I'm going to be reviewing the look fantastic beauty box for April. I've never tried a subscription box because I could never find on that I actually wanted and could be bothered with buying one, but I was very excited about this box. -- ALSOO I have made a new twitter which you... Continue Reading →

Overrated products

Hi everyone, welcome back.. So I love makeup, possibly more than the average teenage girl and I have bought things because people have said they were good and I wanted to try them out and I see people raving about them and I have just not liked them that much or I don't think they... Continue Reading →

Spring Tag!

Hi all, I know I did a tag not to long ago but I want to do another one seeing as it's coming into spring and I LOVE spring and summer. I tag who ever is reading this and if you do it tag me in your blog because then I can see it! What... Continue Reading →


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