Has VEGAN soap by Dr.Botanicals helped my skin?

Hi again, how are you all! If you want to follow my twitter it’s @loveniamhh and you can see my newest blog posts as soon as they are posted! Anyway, today I’m going o be talking about the Vegan bergamot and poppy seed soap from Dr. Botanicals. I got this from the feel unique beautyContinue reading “Has VEGAN soap by Dr.Botanicals helped my skin?”


Hi everyone, how are you? I know I’ve been saying this a lot but please bare with me whilst I change my templates and all that jazz, also don’t forget to follow me on twitter @loveniamhh so you can see when I post a blog post! Today I am going to be reviewing the DandelionContinue reading “DANDELION BY BENEFIT- BUY OR BYE???”

Trying new products!

The other day I went shopping and the only things I bought that were makeup were primers and foundation from Boots. As I have only used them a few times I’m going to give my first impressions on them after I tried them. L’OREAL INFAILLIBLE MATTIFYING PRIMER This primer was £8.99, and it doesn’t lookContinue reading “Trying new products!”

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Unboxing

Helloo, today I’m going to be reviewing the look fantastic beauty box for April. I’ve never tried a subscription box because I could never find on that I actually wanted and could be bothered with buying one, but I was very excited about this box. — ALSOO I have made a new twitter which youContinue reading “LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Unboxing”

What to do when you’re bored in the holidays…

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day, it’s the half term at schools in England (I’m not sure anywhere else). I know people get bored quite easily and if you’re in school it’s easy to not have enough money to do all the things you wan to do, so toady I’m goingContinue reading “What to do when you’re bored in the holidays…”