Travel essentials

Hi guys, I’m going on holiday to France the day you’re reading this so on that same topic I’m going to be talking about all the things you need to have when you go away.

Firstly you will obviously need to take your clothes. I would say take enough outfits for one every night but like mix and match, so you could take one top and make it into two outfits because you could wear it with jeans or skirts.

I always take some of my most used makeup in my bag and if I am going on a plane I will take small amounts of foundation and a travel sized concealer and mascara.

I always take a couple of books because I love to read whilst I’m traveling and if we are going on a holiday in Sumer I always read on the beach or by the pool.

You literally NEED earphones to listen to music and the place or whilst you’re travelling because who doesn’t like listening to music ??

I always take my camera and polaroid because if you go to a really pretty place its just nice to remember what it was like and how it looked.

hair products and skin products because when you go to different countries your skin reacts differently to temperature differently.

face wipes because your skin can become really dry when travelling and the wipes will help you moisturise your skin again.IMG_6224

That’s all, Thank you for reading have a brilliant day

Love, Niamh


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