What to do when you’re bored in the holidays…

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day, it’s the half term at schools in England (I’m not sure anywhere else). I know people get bored quite easily and if you’re in school it’s easy to not have enough money to do all the things you wan to do, so toady I’m going to be giving you some ideas of what you could do on your own o with friends.

Firstly, get with your friends and go into town and look through the shops, or go watch a film or go to a restaurant for dinner or lunch. This, however, could cost a lot of money because if you like to spend your money when you go shopping or buy loads of things.

Another idea is that you could invite all your friends around and watch a few movies on Netflix with snacks and things and you could have a sleepover or something.

You could also go out with a friend around where you live or just in your house and have a photoshoot for your Instagram or for whatever you want.

Another thing you could do is make a Wishlist of all the makeup and clothes you want to buy and see how much it costs.

You could also clean your room because nothing is nicer than having a tidy room (even though mine hardly ever is) and you could also do some homework and study to get ahead in classes or understand something you’ve been stuck on in class.

comment below what you like to do in the holidays or when you’re bored!

Thanks for reading, Love Niamh


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