Overrated products

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So I love makeup, possibly more than the average teenage girl and I have bought things because people have said they were good and I wanted to try them out and I see people raving about them and I have just not liked them that much or I don’t think they are worth the money that I payed for them! 

“BETTER THAN SEX” mascara by Too Faced

I LOOOOVVEE too faced so when I finally got this mascara I was so excited because I had seen people raving about it for ages! However when I tried it out I didn’t like it at all the wand was so clumpy and on my eyes it didn’t do anything to the lashes it just made them look clumpy. It’s a pretty expensive mascara and I do not think it’s worth the money at all. I always see people raving about it and it makes me want to try it and then I’m as disappointed as I was at the first time I tried it out!

“LASTING FINISH” Rimmel foundation 

I had seen so many YouTubers rave about this foundation and when I bought it and tried it on my face the foundation was very cake and did not work well with my oily skin, it came off after about 30 minutes and ruined my face. The coverage was pretty good but I think that if you have oily skin this is not the best foundation for you.  If your skin is normal or not to oily I think this is a pretty good foundation but not for me!

“KA-BROW” Benefit brow gel

Honestly I haven’t really given this much of a go because I bought this and then I nought more brow things and focussed on them but when I did use this I didn’t really like it. Firstly I don’t think I bought the right colour as its quite light for me,BUTT the texture was quite dry and the brush is not the best for applying this “gel” I think the packaging is quite bulky and honestly I don’t see the need it just takes up too much room in your makeup drawer haha. 

“MATTE MAKER” Maybelline powder

I don’t know whether people actually like this or “over rate” it but I don’t like this so I just thought I would put it in here because I love making my skin matte and it didn’t work for me at all and my skin just did not work well with it at all, it’s only drugstore but I think the other maybelline powders are a lot better!

“TRUE BROWN K” Kylie liquid lipstick

I did not like this when I bought it. At first the consistency was great and I still LOVE the colour but for that amount of money the lipstick should not crack on your lips, Still haven’t tried any other ones out so my formula might have just been a bit of a fluke and the others might all be great but I was not impressed with my purchase from kylie cosmetics!

That’s all I’m going to do today! Thank you for reading and

comment below what your most over rated product is?

Love, Niamh 



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