Trying new products!

The other day I went shopping and the only things I bought that were makeup were primers and foundation from Boots. As I have only used them a few times I’m going to give my first impressions on them after I tried them.



This primer was £8.99, and it doesn’t look like you get that much in the tube from the outside because it is quite a small package. I don’t like this packaging because I think it is very boring.


When I first tried this out I was a bit concerned because the consistency was very runny and as I wanted it to be really matte and not oily because I have really oily skin. However when I put it on the primer felt so smooth on my skin and t went really matte. When I out the foundation on top it went a bit weird but that might have been the foundation. I would probably recommend this especially if you have oily skin because it controlled my oils but you can probably get better ones for cheaper.



I had really wanted to try this foundation for so long and as it’s only £5.99 I thought I would buy it when I went out. I don’t like this packaging and I wish they sold it in it’s hard case thing here.


I choose the shade 105 because it seemed closest to my skin and when I tried it on my face it was honestly like the perfect match. It’s a good coverage and the consistency was right for my skin. It still blocked the oil and stayed on for a long time. However whilst I was putting it on it gathered at the top of my T- zone and I had to blend it out loads and loads.


I would recommend it to people with oily skin and large pores because of how it blocks them out. Especially because it is so cheap.

Comment your favourite mascara, and thanks for reading!

Love, Niamh Xxx

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