Has VEGAN soap by Dr.Botanicals helped my skin?

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Anyway, today I’m going o be talking about the Vegan bergamot and poppy seed soap from Dr. Botanicals. I got this from the feel unique beauty box and I saw it was to help your skin so I thought I would try it out with my usual skin care routine. Ive been using it for about a week now and I have honestly seen such a difference in my skin, it looks a lot cleaner and the scarring on my face from spots has gone down so it’s bringing my main areas to its natural colour.


The smell of this is honestly is so incredible and when I’m putting this on my face the smell makes me feel so much better about however I’m feeling. The soap is for your body and hands and I’m not sure where to find it or how much it is because I got this in a beauty box. I would recommend this if you have bad skin or just want to use a soap on your face.


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