5 Under £10

Hi, I’m going to be showing you my favourite products for cheaper than £10 because its hard to find good things that are under £10 especially if you don’t have much to spend but you want good quality products!IMG_6276.JPG

  1. My frist is the revolution contour kit- this product is only £8 from Superdrug and it is my fave! I love it the pigmentation is amazing and the quality is so good, I definitely recommend if you want an inexpensive contour palette.IMG_6277.JPG
  2. Sleek matte me lipstick in shabby chic. This is very inexpensive because it is only £4. It is a matte liquid lipstick and the colour is unreal!IMG_6279.JPG
  3. NYX brow pomade is my favourite brow product it looks so good with my eyebrows and it is super easy to use and it’s only £6 compared to the Anastasia one which is £18! Obviously if you prefer a brow gel or pencil you won’t like this product.IMG_6278.JPG
  4. Real techniques miracle sponge, this isn’t really a makeup product but this sponge is amazing and only £6 it will honestly change your foundation game because it applies it so smoothly and easily!
  5. The miss sporty pump booster is £4 and a mascara I never hear anyone talk about but it its so good and inexpensive. The wand is just incredible and pushes your lashes up so well.   IMG_6281

That’s all!Thank you for reading and follow my blog and twitter if you want to see more from me! @loveniamhh on twitter x

love,Niamh Xxx

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