Hi, I subscribed to the look fantastic box and I bought another one after the April one and I was so excited to see that it had arrived this morning. I am obsessed with this months packaging because it looks very chic and it fits with the other one just the colours are different from the other one. As soon as I opened this box I was so excited and I can’t wait to try out these products!IMG_6282.JPG

The first thing I saw was the ELLE magazine which you always get in these boxes and this months looks great because the woman on the cover is gorgeous and I can’t wait to read about it. Obviously there is a booklet with the products in and they’re so cute because they have lots of other information on it! This months theme was beauty bizarre and I was so excited about it when I opened it because it made me think of makeup which just makes me feel soooo happy!IMG_6283.JPGIMG_6284.JPG

The first thing I saw was the SLEEK contour kit which made me feel really happy because I love sleek and contouring so I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll probably do a first impressions on this if anybody wants to see whether this is a good product.


Then there are the teeth white strips by spotlight which I can’t wait to try because I am obsessed with teeth whitening things. I really want to see whether these work and I’ll probably do a review on these and show you if they work.IMG_6287.JPG

Next there was a bubble purifying + charcoal face mask sheet from skin republic which is really good because I know these are quite expensive for sheet masks. I can’t wait to try this and sees whether it helps my skin because I have quite problem skin.IMG_6286.JPG

Then there was an eye liquid eyeliner which looks really good and I’m all up for trying a new eyeliner and I’ve only tried it on my skin but the tip feels really nice and it’s very pigmented and I hope it looks really good on my eyes.IMG_6290.JPG

I then got an avant anti ageing serum which I’m not sure if I will use it because i don’t really use things like this but I might give it to my mum or use it myself and just see whether I like it or whatever haha!IMG_6288.JPG

The last thing in the box I got was a this works in transit camera close uo primer which I’m really excited for because I am always looking for new primers which are actually good and work well for my skin type.IMG_6289.JPG

I’m really excited for this because I think I’m going to use most of these products (except for the anti ageing serum) comment below if you have tried any of these products..

Thank you for reading,

Love Niamh Xxx

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