Michael Kors backpack- RIP OFF???

Hi all, the other day I went to the shops and saw something I’ve had my eye on for a VERYYYY long time! The Rhea Medium Leather Backpack is £290(!?) and it’s so beautiful (Colour-Light pink). Whenever I walk into a Michael Kors shop, or another shop like that, I get really anxious because I feel like they are judging me but I went in and bought this beautiful bag because I believed that I deserved a little splurge. Even the way they wrapped up the bag was beautiful and the perfume they sprayed on it was absolutely gorgeous smell which was following me around all day. IMG_6302.JPG

The actual bag is so gorgeous and it’s literally the perfect size because it can fit a lot of stuff in it but it’s not like massive and to heavy so it’s really handy in most situations. I really love backpacks because I prefer carrying them to handbags and I just suit backpacks more, if that makes sense? IMG_6303.JPG

The interior of this bag is really good because I has so many little pockets that you could fit so much in and it’s so handy for putting I-Pads phones and all that jazz in. You could fit everything you needed for a day/ night out in this bag it’s so perfect. IMG_6304.JPG

Overall I think this bag is extremely expensive but I am really loving it and all it’s feature and this is basically a blog post on me trying to justifying spending nearly £300 on a backpack. Sorry it’s so short but I though this would be quite interesting. Comment below if you like this and follow me on  twitter and instagram

Love, Niamh Xxx

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