Everyday Makeup

Hi lovelies,

Today I am going to be showing you the basic makeup I do ‘everyday” obviously I don’t wear makeup everyday and I do different looks if Igo out e.t.c.IMG_6315

This look is really basic and easy but it can look quite good and I like the way this looks for just natural days.

Firstly I prep my skin with the l’oreal infallible magnifying primer too make sure my skin doesn’t’t get oily during the day and so that my makeup stays on. I just use my fingers to apply this and tap it out too smoothen it with a sponge.

IMG_6316.JPGI then do my eyebrows with the NYX pomade and just make them more pronounced than they are without, then I go around them in a concealer which is lighter than my ordinary concealer to make them more prominent.IMG_6318.JPG

Next I use my fit me foundation with a sponge and put it all over my face rather than   in little bits even though I don’t need it everywhere I just think its blends smoother and I only use a small amount because you obviously don’t want it to be too cakeyIMG_6320.JPG

Then I just use a powder to brush all over my face to make my foundation and eyebrow concealer set and make it even more matte because my skin is oily AF.img_6321.jpg

I get my sleek contour palette and use a really little bit to make your face look contoured but also not too much because it will be really hard to make it natural because it will be on it’s own because I don’t but big eyeshadow on or lipstick so it is the only real colour on your face other than the highlighter.IMG_6322.JPG

Then I use a small amount of the dandelion highlighter by benefit on my cheeks and a small bit above my eyebrows to make them look quite bright rather than just darkening my face.IMG_6323.JPG

Lastly I just put on a slightly tinted lipgloss because it moisturises your lips and gives them bit of colour.

That’s all for today than you for reading!

Lobe, Niamh Xxx


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