Things to do to help stress!

Hi everyone, recently I have been feeling quite stressed and I thought this would be quite a good idea with a list of things to do for when you feel angry or stressed or anything like that! Obviously these work for me but some things don’t work fro different people and they might not beContinue reading “Things to do to help stress!”

Favourite Lipsticks

Hi everyone, today I am going to be doing a blog post on my three favourite lipsticks! These usually change depending on what’s new in my collection and the season because when it’s summer I prefer brighter colours but in winter I prefer dark colours. If you’ve read my other blog posts you’ll probably haveContinue reading “Favourite Lipsticks”

Is the Mario Badescu Rosewater worth the money?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely day! Today I am going to be reviewing the Mario Badescu rosewater. I know I am extremely late on this trend but I am a sucker for skincare and I wanted to use it for quite a while to see whether it was worth it.  IContinue reading “Is the Mario Badescu Rosewater worth the money?”