Is the Mario Badescu Rosewater worth the money?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely day! Today I am going to be reviewing the Mario Badescu rosewater. I know I am extremely late on this trend but I am a sucker for skincare and I wanted to use it for quite a while to see whether it was worth it. IMG_6618.JPGIMG_6619.JPG

I am sure all of you will have seen all about this product and there have been quite a lot of different opinions on this because some people really love it and some people seem to hate it.

I bought this from Urban Outfitters and it was £11. I think that is quite a reasonable priced product because it is 8oz. I like all the different types of face care you can get from Mario Badescu in Urban outfitters because there is something for everyone really.

There are quite a lot of different things you can use this for because you can use it too set your makeup, add a bit of moisture to your face and you can put it on your hair and everywhere on your skin.

Since using it for a little while I like to use it just to spray on my face throughout the day when I think I need it and so far it has been really controlling my skin and I feel like it has got it a bit less oily skin using it. I also have sen a reduce in the spots that I get on my face and this is the only difference I have made in my skincare.

That’s all for today thank you for reading! If you have enjoyed please follow my blog for more content like this and comment some of your favourite skincare you own! xxx

Love Niamh X

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