Why I wear makeup

Hi everyone, sorry for being quite inactive on here recently. Today I am going to be talking about why I like to wear makeup and how it makes me feel. IMG_6315

I wear makeup almost daily because usually on the weekends I go out and wear a full face of makeup. I also wear a basic makeup look on the weekdays to look presentable else I would look half dead. It doesn’t sound like it but I am confident in my own skin and I don’t use makeup to cover anything up as some people would find it hard to believe. IMG_6212

I wear makeup because I enjoy doing it, I like being able to make art and wear it on your face for everyone else to be able to see it. I also like being able to look different everyday with different colours and the finishes I can make. IMG_6311

I think makeup is such a good way for people to be able to express themselves and show their differences. I love how you can choose form millions and millions of different colours of eyeshadow and lipsticks.

That’s all today thank you for reading!

Love, Niamh Xxx

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