ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette- Voyager

Hi everyone, today I am going to be reviewing the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette in Voyager. I got this Palette about a month ago so I haven’t really used it that often so it is kind of a first impression.

The palette is small and it only has six eyeshadows. I like how it is small because it means it is easy to take to places and also means it fits in small purses and bags so you can take it everywhere. The packaging is a dark brown colour with a metallic gold geometric design all over it. I think it is very pretty and because it is metallic it makes it stand out more. IMG_6696.JPG

It has six different colours and it has three mattes and three shimmer shadows and they are all quite neutral tined colours so I think they are all useable for me as I don’t often use bright colours on my eyes.IMG_6698.JPG

The first shadow is called “Bitter Start” and it is a matte cream which is good to use in the corner of your eyes to make them look brighter and also to use as a base for your eyeshadow, to make your eyeshadow pop.

The second eyeshadow is called “Substitute For Love” and it is a light brown coloured matte shadow and it is nice and simple and it could be used as part of an intense eye look or used on its own just for a simple, natural look.

The next eyeshadow is another matte called “Freshly Toasted” and it is a deeper brown eyeshadow with maroon tones underneath so it looks quite like a deep red. I think it is quite natural but it can also make an eye look stand out because of the red undertones in it.IMG_6700.JPG

The second row is made of shimmer shadows and the first one is a golden shimmer called “Pure Ganache” and it is a golden shadow which doesn’t have yellow undertones in it so it looks quite pink. It is very creamy so when it comes out it can be used on its own as it doesn’t look like just a big bunch of glitter on the eye.

The second one is called “Warm Notes” and it is probably the shadow that stands out the most because it it a shimmer deep red colour which has dark purple undertones in it. It is very pretty and although I don’t usually like bright colours and it is a very stand out colour I like using this shadow because of how pretty it is.

The last shadow is a dark brown shimmer called “Subtle Blend” and it is a very pretty brown with a little bit of shimmer but not too much so that it looks like a bronze colour.

The shadows in this palette are all very pretty and they are extremely pigmented and creamy which makes them easy to blend and look very pretty on the eyes. As they are all very pigmented they come up very bright on your eyes so less is more with them, which means that the palette will last very long.IMG_6702.JPG

Love, Niamh Xx

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