Plane Essentials

Hi everyone, I feel like I may have missed the time when everyone has gone away however you can still use this post all year round because you can obviously go on holiday anytime you want! I thought for this post I would share my tips for what to bring on a plane because they can be very boring and the air pressure can mess with your skin.

As you can only take 100ml of liquid on a plane, you obviously can not take a face spray on, which would be quite helpful because iron planes isn’t the nicest and can take the moisture out of your face. I think its helpful to bring some face wipes to remove makeup or just grime from the airport, and then I think you should bring a moisturising face mask so that your face doesn’t get too dry.

I think that you should bring a few different things to do as planes can get pretty boring as there isn’t much to do. A basic thing you can bring are your headphones so that you can listen to music and to also download a few games on your phone that don’t need wifi because you can play them too pass the time as they easily get addicting.IMG_6935.JPG

Other things you can bring are books or magazines because reading makes the mind stronger and usually when you read the time goes quite quickly and it makes the length of the plane go by very quickly.IMG_6933.JPG

You can also use the time on the plane to be productive like going through your work or working on other things that are not for work and you’ve been doing it in your free time. It’s helpful because you can spend three hours on a plane and you can get a lot done in that time.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading

Love,Niamh Xxx

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