Favourite Things About Summer

Hi everyone, as summer is coming to an end I thought it would be nice to share what my favourite things about this season are because there are many different reasons to love summer.

I live in England so summer weather us quite rare,however,I do love being able to sunbathe with friends. The hot weather makes everyone seem happier because sun is a lot more cheerful than rain. I also love BBQs and in the heat a lot of people organise them to celebrate with friends.

Another thing I love about summer is the beauty of nature that comes out in the Summer. Most flowers are more colourful and they are very beautiful and so beautiful to take pictures of.

I also love the fruit that is eaten in summer because things like watermelon and strawberries are so delicious and they are a reason that I love summer because the sweetness of these fruits are a very summery treat.

Spending days at the beach with a friend are so fun because it gives you something do to outdoors and they are really pretty and they can give you some great photos for Instagram, haha.

I love all the summer style and fashion, like crop tops and shorts or summer dresses. I also like the makeup aspect of summer because it is very bright and dewy. I love having pink lipsticks and a lot of dewy highlighter on because it makes your face look fresh. IMG_6592IMG_6914IMG_6347

That’s all I can think of right now. So thank you for reading.

Love, Niamh Xxx


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