NICE Travel Diary

Hi! This Summer my family and I went to Nice, we stayed on the promenade des anglais, opposite the beach. We could easily walk along the prom. and get into the centre of the city. On one day we got a train tour and saw most of the square. We also went up the “Castle Hill” and saw the most breathtaking views. You could see almost the whole of Nice, and the pictures honestly do not do it justice!IMG_6757IMG_6754

The next day, we went for a little walk around the centre and got dinner, we mooched around for most of the day and it is so easy to just walk around or you can get the buses that there are in Nice because they all come quite quickly and they aren’t too pricey.IMG_6724IMG_6723IMG_6733IMG_6741

the next few days we had beach days, the problems with beach days is that the beach are made with stones and not sand so it can be bit uncomfortable sometimes, but you do get used to it as there are many different things you can do on them and in Cannes the beaches are sand, and probably in other places haha!

Then we got the train to Monaco and we went for a walk in Monte Carlo and looked at all the expensive shops and all the expensive cars. It was so impressive and it was very pretty and photogenic, however I didn’t take that many pictures I just took in the sights haha!IMG_6809IMG_6804IMG_6797

Nonte Carlo is such a beautiful city and I wish we could have spent more time here! We also went on a day trip to Cannes and sadly I left my camera in the apartment then but it is absolutely stunning and the beaches are very nice and there are lots of shops you can go to!

Thanks for reading, Love Niamh Xxx

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