Does QMEE Work?

Hi everyone! This isa bit of a different post but I thought it would be quite an interesting one to do.

When I was looking over the internet for easy ways to make money and Qmee popped up so I looked at it and I really like using it.

Qmee is an app where you can take surveys or you can get money just for google-ing things. Usually, the surveys are around 50p per survey and they take different amounts of times to take. And if you download Qmee it runs in the background of your searching and you can get coupons or you can get a link and it will give you money if you click on the link and leave it on for a few seconds. You don’t need to try you just have to search what ever you usually search.

You can link the money to your PayPal or you can get a gift card or you can donate it to charity, which I think is a really nice idea because eoyu can give your money to yourself OR give it too other people who need it.

I would recommend making an account if you want to make some quick, easy money (be warned it takes a long time to make loads haha). Thanks for reading, Love Niamh.


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