2018 Favourites!

Hey, so 2018 is over and as I took a major break from blogging my New Years resolution is to start again and become much more active in my writing and more creative outs-sects rather than sitting watching Netflix and browsing social media. The good thing about leaving blogging for a few months means that I have lots of ideas to write about so hopefully you will enjoy my content haha!

I think 2018 was a pretty good year for me, I travelled (see photo below haha) and did many things with family and friends which I have loved, and 2018 was a pretty good year for films and music!


One of my favourite films that came out this year was Mama Mia Here We Go Again. The music and feel good reunion has made this music one of the most loved of the year. I love ABBA and the original Mama Mia film so I was ver excited and had my standards set VERY high for this movie, and I was not let down, some bits were cheesy but overall I adored this one!

Another film I loved was Avengers Infinity War, I don’t usually like action movies and things like that but this year I have binged marvel films and I loved this one I thought it was so clever and very interesting how they brought all of the different films together.

A film that came out this year which I thought was very under rated was The Hate U Give, I thought it was very well written and it really showed how gun crime effects people closest to it and the soundtrack was amazing!


This year was a good year for music but as I only usually listen to musical soundtracks (haha I know) that I will probably be choosing the most basic songs that came out this year ahh.

An album I loved this year was sweetener by Ariana Grande. As a huge Ariana fan I knew I would love it as she can do no wrong in my eyes but I instantly did, as always I didn’t love some of the songs but also their where songs I loved.

Another song I loved was ” When the Party’s Over” by Billie Ellish, I thought it was a very well thought out song and that the music of it was just amazing.

Overall I thought that 2018 was a great year, I hope you had a good year and I’m so glad to be back and I really hope you have a fabulous 2019!!

Thank you for reading! Love Niamh Xx

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