Hello 2019!!

Hey!! Welcome back to my blog I want to do a little blog post about 2019 and what I’m going to do this year and all that jazz.

2018 was a very good year and I did so many things that will stay in my memories forever and I loved the year, even though everything has its ups and downs! I already have such good plans for next year already and I am so excited to see them come out.

I have so many plans educational-y (? is that a word? haha we can pretend it is) and for traveling this coming year and I couldn’t be more thrilled although I am sure this year will come with some hardships!

This year will hopefully be one to remember and I am really excited to see what happens and how I have changed from this month and I by December I hope I have lots that I am able to reflect on and be extremely grateful for!

This post is a bit different but I think that hopefully this time next year I will read this and know that my wishes will have come true.

Thank you so much for reading! What are you hoping for this year? Love, Niamh Xxx

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