Star Lit Eye-Shadow Palette Review

Hey everyone, I actually haven’t posted a makeup/ product review in a while so I’m switching it back up and posting one for the makeup forever eyeshadow palette “Star Lit”. I was given this product as a Christmas present so I’m not sure how much it is, but if you want to check I’m sure you can just google it!

Firstly, the packaging of this palette is so pretty and it really draws you eyes to it which gives it a really good first impression because packaging is usually one of the first things people see when they go to buy a palette. I especially like the holographic on the packaging because it looks really cool and modern.

The palette has 6 matte shadows and 12 shimmer colours and it has a very good quality and sized mirror on the top. All of the shadows are named in the theme of space because of the theme of the palette, and they are all quite dark colours and I will probably using it for a smokey eye as the colours are quite eye-catching, and not extremely natural. It also comes with some look ideas incase you need some inspiration.

The Mattes

The six matte shadows are called ” Milky Way, Meteor, Comet, Astral, Asteroid, Eclipse”. These are all quite basic neutral shades which will look good as a base for any eye look and I like how they are quite big sized pans because it means that you can use them more than the other ones. They are all quite pig-mented and creamy which makes them very easy to put onto the eyes and also to blend out and they can be very build able so they can be very different depending on what look you want!

The Shimmers

There are twelve gorgeous shimmer eyeshadows in this palette which are called ” Stellar, Light, Moon, Dust, Shooting, Star, Zodiac, Sign, Dark, Halo, Heavenly, Vault”. The colours range fro ma creamy under colour to a dark black under colour, with the colours getting darker from right to left. All of these shadows are very pigmented as well and they are very build able and creamy so they apply very easily and they last for a long time on the eye!


Overall, I really love this palette as it is just so beautiful and there is a very high range in colours and you can create a varied amount of looks with this palette. I also really like the theme of space because it is very creative. I would recommend this palette!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Niamh Xxx

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