Spending a Day In London

Hi guys! I really enjoy making blog posts about when I have been travelling and they seem to be some of my most read posts which is great as I think they are really interesting to write and share photos of your holidays! The other day I wet down to London for just one day and even thought it wasn’t a holiday I still think that it will be interesting to write about!

On Saturday morning we got the train down to London and arrived at London Euston at 11AM where we then got the underground to Oxford circus where we shopped on Oxford shop for an hour. As a shopaholic I could spend days in Oxford street and there are so many shops that you can spend your time (and money) in.

We then got the underground to green park where we walked to Old Bond Street and browsed in all the really beautiful (really expensive) designer shops. Not going to lie but if you want some nice instagram photos, Old Bond Streets is a good place to go because the street is just very beautiful.

After that we went for lunch in Cafe Concerto, which was very delicious and had very pretty views of the street. I would very much recommend if you are near one because their food and drink selection is divine.

We then went to harrods for a small browse because why not haha, if you have never been to harrods I would very much recommend because it is very beautiful and so nice walking around looking at all of the designer items. However, sadly I did not buy anything.

After that we went down to Leicester Square because the main reason we went down to London was to see six the musical because if you couldn’t tell I am very much in love with musicals and I love this one so we bought tickets to go down and see it. If you get the opportunity to go and see it I would recommend because it was absolutely amazing and I think I am going to go down in summer and see it again because I have a pretty long break this summer and as it was so good I want to go and re-watch it but this time with my mum.

To finish off the day we went to the Nando’s outside Euston station which was very nice and quick and then we headed home. I had an amazing day as I adore London. I hope you enjoyed reading this I really love writing about my travels or days out as I said before.

Love, Niamh Xx

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