Hi all, I didn’t really know what to name this because it’s kind of a travel one but not really because I went skiing in France this past week but I also want to just talk about some other things in life! I don’t know if you personally will find this interesting but I like things like this so anyway, sorry for making the intro really long and probably confusing!

I just got back from skiing in France, near to the mountains in Nice. It was so lovely and beautiful BUT there was no wifi or signal so I apologise for the lack of blog posts if you’re a common reader on here.

The place we went was called Praloup and I would recommend it if you’re into skiing because it is quite beautiful and has some good runs, especially if you’re more beginner. It also had some lovely bars and nightlife if that’s what you like to do on ski holidays! I only took a few pictures but ill still insert them below so you can see the view from the mountains.

Also, THANK YOU for 100 followers on my poor little blog, as you all know I’m not the best at posting but this year I’m trying to post more and be more active on here and I think it’s working, so thank you and I hope we can get lots more followers on here in the future!

This has been a simple post but thank you so much for reading

Love, Niamh xx

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