Battle of the Setting Sprays

Hi everyone, today is going to be comparing two different drugstore setting sprays, this is very similar to a normal review but I thought that it would be much more interesting and helpful to compare two different setting sprays.

The two setting sprays are:

  • ELF Matte Magic mist + set
  • L’OREAL Infalible Fixing Mist

Firstly, the e.l.f spray is much smaller as it has 60ml and the l’oreal spray has 100ml, however the e.l.f spray has much nicer packaging as it is sleek black and it just looks a lot nicer in your makeup draws/ on your desk compared to the l’oreal one.

So far I think that I am reaching for the L’oreal one a lot more when I am doing everyday makeup because it keeps it matte for a long time, but mainly, because there is more product and I do not want to use the E.L.F one all up. When I am using the Elf one, it is keeping my makeup on for a long time and the physical spray is lot better and more even than the L’oreal one. Another disadvantage of the L’oreal one is that there is sometimes white residue left one your face.

Overall, I like them both in different ways as the elf one is probably a better product but there is a lot less product so I think it is what you prefer as the L’oreal one isn’t that different and still works very well as a setting spray.

Thank you for reading, Love Niamh


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