HI, welcome or welcome back to my blog! So spring has officially sprung and I am so excited because that means it’s getting warmer and its one step closer to summer!!! I can’t wait!

I feel like spring is such a good season because it is getting warmer but it’s not too hot and all of the summer clothes come out so I have an excuse to buy an excessive amount of sun- dresses (I’ve already got my basket ready) and every where is so much more aesthetically pleasing! I hope that due to the sprig coming my mood feels a lot happier and I become a lot more inspired to write!

Another love I have for spring is the makeup gets more dewy and brighter so I need to stack up on pink lipsticks! I am also very excited to go out and be able to take some stunning pictures for this blog and my scrapbook!

I think I way do a spring “Look book” kind of post where I show you some of the outfits I will be ordering this spring/ summer!

Please comment your favourite season below!! Love, Niamh XX

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