Stagey Day Out In London

Hello everyone!! Sorry for not being so active I have been sooo busy!! So I was in London – again- to see a musical- again. Whoops??

We arrived at 11:30 and got the tube to leicester square so that we could wander around the theatres and visit the theatre cafe, which was everything!! If you love theatre you need to go, and in June they are opening a bigger one!

We stayed in there quite a while and then at around 12:30 we walked all the way through to Victoria, it was a gorgeous day and the walk was lovely because we walked past Buckingham palace.

Then we got to Victoria and got to the stunning Victoria Palace Theatre, where Hamilton is!

We were sat in the grand row B and our seats were amazing! Everything was so visible and nothing was restricted at all! Next time I am stalls B and i cant wait to see it for a third time so close up!!

The show was incredible as always and i would highly highly recommend, the details from the costume – choreography- lighting – set and everything else is impeccable and I am so lucky to have seen it again! I absolutely adore theatre so I will hopefully get more opportunities to write about it!!

Thank you soo much for reading I really appreciate it! Love, Niamh Xx

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