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Who doesn’t love travel?? Traveling around the world is adored by so many people, me included! As usual with my tags I haven’t actually been tagged but i enjoy doing them haha!! If you want to do it feel free and let me know because I’d love to read them.

•What countries have you already travelled to?

I’ve been to Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. I think that’s it – I can’t really remember and I would love to go everywhere else!!

•Which destination is the number one on your bucket list?

This is so hard to narrow it down to just one!! I’m going to have to go past the one boundary – whoops – I would absolutely love to go to New York and a few other places in America. I’d also love to see the Maldives or a gorgeous tropical island!!

•What is your most ideal holiday?

I love sun so much so any holiday to do with sun! I’d love to go to a place that has an amazing city and shops but also an amazing beach and pool place so maybe like miami or somewhere like that! If anyone has a cute beach house in Miami and wants to give a girl a holiday send me a message hahaha! I do love ski holidays though so on a nice mountain village with a gorgeous log cabin as I think that would be such a beautiful holiday!

•Which place did you think was so special that you would love to go back?

I really, really, loved Nice when I went last year because it was gorgeous and there was so so much to do and so many places to visit I am sure that i would be able to spend a good few months exploring and sunbathing on all of the beaches. I would love to go back, it was amazing.

•Show us your favourite holiday photo!

these are only a few of my faves I have so so so many!!

•Who do you mostly go on holiday with?

I usually go with my family and I have been with my friends and my larger family and I love it so much being able to spend it with people that I know!

Would you rather go on a ski- or a sun vacation?

Sun all the way definitely!! I love sun holidays so very much and I do enjoy ski holidays but I would just sun any day of the week!

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed it please leave a like or share it!! Thank you so much,

Love, Niamh X

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