Morphe Palette Review – 350M

I love eye-shadow palettes! Where makeup is concerned they are probably one of my favourite things to buy because there are just so many and there is such a huge variety of differences: brands, formulas, and colours! My friends and family now this as well, so I often get them for my birthday. One of those being this palette: the morphs 350M!

The morphe palettes range from £10 – £40, depending on which size you get and whether it is a cola with a makeup influencer!

They all have very sleek, black, matte packaging and they have white lettering with the word “MORPHE” on it. The size of the packaging is pretty big as the palette has 35(!!!!) different colour pans in it. Compared to the size of the palette it is very light so although it would take up a lot of room in a suitcase- it will not add much weight to it.

The 350M has 35 nude matte colours, so it is perfect for people who need a more subtle palette in their collection or like working with simple colours – although there are a few reds and oranges that make a perfect smokey eye. Sadly they do not have any names so I can’t pick a favourite but I do love some of the milk chocolate colours.

I really like the quality of these shadows because they all blend extremely well and are very pigmented but are also very build-able, I think it is the perfect gift because it can suit everyones needs!

Overall, I really like this product because I think it is very simple and gorgeous, but I think that it is not the best eyeshadow palette to buy if you want more varied colours.

Thank you so much for reading,

Love Niamh Xx

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