Stagiest Place In The World!?

Photo from @abbyxdavidson on twitter x

Coffee, Cakes and Stagey Tunes! What more could anyone possibly need? The Theatre Cafe is exactly what it says on the tin – a cafe for every and any theatre fan. With two cafes in the heart of the west end its easy to reach between a two show day or for a quick snack before a performance!

Photos from @XDisney_MixerX on twitter xx

The two theatres are situated at 99 St. Martins Lane London and 66 Shaftesbury Avenue London! Both in prime locations only a few minutes away walk from many theatres and other restaurants and tourist attractions!

The cafe is filled with show props and references so if youre a fan of only one show or all of them there is something for you! The stagey (and very varied) menu will give you all the musical theatre puns you could ever need and accompanied by the jukebox you can play whatever song you would like! You could easily spends hours in there looking at all the decorations and is a great place for a stagey photoshoot! An added bonus is that you can buy tickets at the cafe! No need to wander around the outdoor London ticket booths when you can spend your day relaxing in the stagiest environment in London

The cafe also hosts an open mic (Tuesdays and Sundays) so you can broadcast your talents for all of the cafe to hear and see on their gorgeous stage! They also have many events where casts of shows go to preform, be interviewed and meet some fans.

The socials for the cafe if you wanted to see it in more detail are

@thetheatrecafe on twitter

@theatrecafeuk on instagram

You can also find their website and youtube channel by searching “The Theatre Cafe”

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Love, Niamh Xx

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