November Recap

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I have published a blog post and it is because of so much stress and then finding the motivation to start again so I have chosen to attempt Blogmas this year so that I am finally writing again!

A recap of the last few months :

Mainly I have been obsessed with the new musical &Juliet – What would happen if Juliet didn’t kill herself??


I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who likes any pop songs, it gives such a new take on Julebox musicals and is songs only by the most underrated person Max Martin and i guarantee you love some of his songs without knowing who he is, you should google him!!

Quiz Clothing

I have been obsessed with Quiz for ages but recently it is my go to shop especially for winter it has the most beautiful sweaters and pinafores (which has been another obsession these past months) and the quality is incredible – honestly I just think it’s super underrated and it shouldn’t be!

Another thing I’ve been obsessed with and so behind on is Grey’s anatomy – honestly I’ve just been binging it for the past months and finally caught up recently (the first seasons were better, that’s just the truth) thank you Amazon Prime

That’s all for my main obsessions recently! I tried to keep it as simple as possible, if you have read this thank you so much you should follow my blog to see the rest of the posts this Blogmas!! Thank you so much,

Love, Niamh

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