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Hi! Welcome Back to my blog. Happy December 3rd! I always find gift guides are so helpful because buying presents are so hard and these products below are very basic ideas which I think a lot of people will enjoy and get use out of and they all range in prices so it really an be for anything.


Firstly from Lush the “LUSH Christmas Box” for £17 and the LUSH Snow Fairy Box for £30. These are all very good for most people because they are quite basic ideas but most people will appreciate them and they are high quality. The snow fairy box especially are great for people who love pink and sweet scents.

Another thing that is a trendy present in skincare is a Rose Quartz Face Massager, if you know someone who loves skin care and being in with the latest feminine trends it is a perfect gift. So many people want things like this but aren’t willing to spend money on it which is why it is a perfect thing to get someone for Christmas, you can get a huge range of different quality and they range in different prices but this link is a mid/low range one for £25, which is still a lot of money for something so simple but it is a very cute gift for someone when you are a little bit of a budget.

A much more luxurious skincare present is the Precious Minerals Collection by Omorovicza, which costs £250, which is a lot of money put if someone you love is obsessed with skin care and you really want to treat them with amazing quality products these are some beautiful products that are extremely luxurious.


Fragrances are a very cute idea for Christmas as they can be as personal or impersonal as you want and they can be as expensive as you need them to be, they can be in many forms as I would class candles, perfumes, body sprays all as fragrances so they really can be for anyone and everyone. A cute one could be the Ariana Grande trio mini gift set from Superdrug which is £20 and a really good affordable present for many people and especially for people who love Ariana Grande but are more mature than something like a calendar or a sweater.

A beautiful perfume that isn’t too expensive but is nice for someone if you can’t afford to spend too much money on them, the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, depending on retailers and size the price range can vary but they are usually around the £50 mark which (in the grand scheme of things) is not that much and it is a really gorgeous perfume and it can be used all year long as the scent really fits any season. we’d

My final for this is a bit of a broad range but : Candles. In my opinion a few nice quality candles can never go wrong. Or you could get them some wax melts. These will mostly be appreciated anywhere as people love having a nice smelling house but they can sometimes be an unnecessary expense, you van treat someone you love to a few high end ones, or get some cheaper minis and use them as a stocking stuffer.


I think makeup can be often hit and miss at Christmas but if you know someone loves makeup I am sure they’d appreciate these things. I love the brand Too Faced so I think the “Let It Snow, Girl” Makeup Gift Set for £46 is a nice gift if you want to get them some high end makeup but not spend an extreme amount of money on makeup. Too Faced have other small makeup items that are not limited edition for the Christmas season but I think they’d be a nice idea for stocking stuffers, especially the minis they have.

If you know that someone loves makeup, but are not sure what product to get them makeup accessories, like brushes are a nice gift idea as I am sure that anyone who does makeup would use any brush they are gifted. There are a wide range of prices for brushes but if you want to treat someone the ZOEVA Complete Brush set for £105 (Cult Beauty) is a nice gift as they are high quality and a nice, luxurious gift on its own. The set has 15 brushes so it makes the pretty high price tag quite worth it.

Another gift that I think is a nice idea if you are unsure on what makeup product to get someone is a certificate to get their makeup done/ a lesson in makeup. It is nice especially, if you can support a small or local makeup artist and they usually aren’t too expensive so if you did know what products to buy you could create a cute box with it included and giving someone a nice night and the experience of having their makeup done.


I don’t now strictly what this gift could come under but as it is PJs I thought I would include it in this part. If you have a very girly girl who love Victoria secret, the Victoria secret satin PJs in the iconic white and pink for £75 off the official website is a very cute idea. They are very high quality and look very pretty, they are also a thing many people wouldn’t particularly buy for themselves because they can be quite a lot of money to spend on your PJs but they would definitely get their use out of.

Another random accessory that I always see being advertised by influences and honestly think are so stunning! The Daniel Wellington watches, personally I think that the “Petite Dover” (£87) one is my fave but a lot of them are honestly so stunning and won’t break the bank.

Another cool thing that I think everyone could use and it comes in different colours is the Instax Mini Link which connects to your phone and prints pictures out in the shape of a polaroid camera shape they are £89-£100 so one of the more pricey items but it is such a good present for literally anyone especially if you want to spoil them.

Thank you for reading!! Love, Niamh


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