Hi all, I didn’t really know what to name this because it’s kind of a travel one but not really because I went skiing in France this past week but I also want to just talk about some other things in life! I don’t know if you personally will find this interesting but I like things like this so anyway, sorry for making the intro really long and probably confusing!

I just got back from skiing in France, near to the mountains in Nice. It was so lovely and beautiful BUT there was no wifi or signal so I apologise for the lack of blog posts if you’re a common reader on here.

The place we went was called Praloup and I would recommend it if you’re into skiing because it is quite beautiful and has some good runs, especially if you’re more beginner. It also had some lovely bars and nightlife if that’s what you like to do on ski holidays! I only took a few pictures but ill still insert them below so you can see the view from the mountains.

Also, THANK YOU for 100 followers on my poor little blog, as you all know I’m not the best at posting but this year I’m trying to post more and be more active on here and I think it’s working, so thank you and I hope we can get lots more followers on here in the future!

This has been a simple post but thank you so much for reading

Love, Niamh xx

Spending a Day In London

Hi guys! I really enjoy making blog posts about when I have been travelling and they seem to be some of my most read posts which is great as I think they are really interesting to write and share photos of your holidays! The other day I wet down to London for just one day and even thought it wasn’t a holiday I still think that it will be interesting to write about!

On Saturday morning we got the train down to London and arrived at London Euston at 11AM where we then got the underground to Oxford circus where we shopped on Oxford shop for an hour. As a shopaholic I could spend days in Oxford street and there are so many shops that you can spend your time (and money) in.

We then got the underground to green park where we walked to Old Bond Street and browsed in all the really beautiful (really expensive) designer shops. Not going to lie but if you want some nice instagram photos, Old Bond Streets is a good place to go because the street is just very beautiful.

After that we went for lunch in Cafe Concerto, which was very delicious and had very pretty views of the street. I would very much recommend if you are near one because their food and drink selection is divine.

We then went to harrods for a small browse because why not haha, if you have never been to harrods I would very much recommend because it is very beautiful and so nice walking around looking at all of the designer items. However, sadly I did not buy anything.

After that we went down to Leicester Square because the main reason we went down to London was to see six the musical because if you couldn’t tell I am very much in love with musicals and I love this one so we bought tickets to go down and see it. If you get the opportunity to go and see it I would recommend because it was absolutely amazing and I think I am going to go down in summer and see it again because I have a pretty long break this summer and as it was so good I want to go and re-watch it but this time with my mum.

To finish off the day we went to the Nando’s outside Euston station which was very nice and quick and then we headed home. I had an amazing day as I adore London. I hope you enjoyed reading this I really love writing about my travels or days out as I said before.

Love, Niamh Xx

Star Lit Eye-Shadow Palette Review

Hey everyone, I actually haven’t posted a makeup/ product review in a while so I’m switching it back up and posting one for the makeup forever eyeshadow palette “Star Lit”. I was given this product as a Christmas present so I’m not sure how much it is, but if you want to check I’m sure you can just google it!

Firstly, the packaging of this palette is so pretty and it really draws you eyes to it which gives it a really good first impression because packaging is usually one of the first things people see when they go to buy a palette. I especially like the holographic on the packaging because it looks really cool and modern.

The palette has 6 matte shadows and 12 shimmer colours and it has a very good quality and sized mirror on the top. All of the shadows are named in the theme of space because of the theme of the palette, and they are all quite dark colours and I will probably using it for a smokey eye as the colours are quite eye-catching, and not extremely natural. It also comes with some look ideas incase you need some inspiration.

The Mattes

The six matte shadows are called ” Milky Way, Meteor, Comet, Astral, Asteroid, Eclipse”. These are all quite basic neutral shades which will look good as a base for any eye look and I like how they are quite big sized pans because it means that you can use them more than the other ones. They are all quite pig-mented and creamy which makes them very easy to put onto the eyes and also to blend out and they can be very build able so they can be very different depending on what look you want!

The Shimmers

There are twelve gorgeous shimmer eyeshadows in this palette which are called ” Stellar, Light, Moon, Dust, Shooting, Star, Zodiac, Sign, Dark, Halo, Heavenly, Vault”. The colours range fro ma creamy under colour to a dark black under colour, with the colours getting darker from right to left. All of these shadows are very pigmented as well and they are very build able and creamy so they apply very easily and they last for a long time on the eye!


Overall, I really love this palette as it is just so beautiful and there is a very high range in colours and you can create a varied amount of looks with this palette. I also really like the theme of space because it is very creative. I would recommend this palette!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Niamh Xxx

Thought of the day

Hey this is veryyyy random but i’m just speaking this to the universe because I saw it and I thought it was a really good idea!

Every time you have a problem or something upsets you think of the 5 rule. If it doesn’t effect you in 5 years, you shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset by it. However this is obviously not what you should base your life in because it can be very unhealthy to keep emotion is and eventually everything will work out in the end haha!

Just some words of happiness and encouragement because you never know who needs it ❤️

Love, Niamh xxx

40 Questions Make-Up Tag

Hey! So I haven’t been tagged on this but I thought it would be a fun little post to do because I like answering questions like these on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading these and if you wanted to answer these questions then I tag you.

How many times do you was your face daily?

  • Twice, one in the morning and once at night.

What skin type do you have?

  • Oily, it’s quite hard to work with because of how oily it is ahh!!

What is your current facial wash?

  • The No.7 hot cloth cleanser

Do you exfoliate?

  • Yes, I try to do it a few times a week

What brand do you use?

  • FAIL but I’m not sure what it’s called as it’s in a little plastic airport tub..

What moisturiser do you use?

  • NUXE creme fraiche de beauté

Do you use eye cream?

  • No, whoops I probably should

Do you have freckles?

  • I have a few but not a lot

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

  • Not acne but I have pretty bad skin due to discolouration from spots and I break out quite frequently

Did you ever have to use pro-active?

  • No

What foundation do you use?

  • It changes quite frequently but recently I have been using the too faced peach one in “nude”


  • I don’t really use concealer…

Do you know your undertone colour?

  • I don’t but I should probably find out

What do you think of fake eyelashes?

  • I LOVE them they add so much to a look

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?

  • Yes, and I try to but sometimes it doesn’t end up happening

What brand of mascara do you use?

  • It differs but I like Benefit

Sephora or Mac?

  • Do I have to choose???

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

  • Nope

What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

  • Beauty blender, I couldn’t live without it

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

  • Sometimes, the urban decay one

For the face?

  • Yeah, but I need a new one and I’m thinking pore fessional

What is your favorite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?

  • I love my revolution palette the most at the moment.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

  • Liquid

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

  • I don’t

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

  • They are pretty to use but very messy when you are using them!

Do you use mineral makeup?

  • Not usually, but sometimes

What is your favorite lipstick?

  • sleek “birthday suit”

How about lipgloss?

  • essecnce “XXXL nude”

What is your favorite blush to use?

  • I don’t really use blush whoops, but the one in the too faced Christmas palette

Do you buy your makeup on ebay?

  • Nope

Do you like drugstore makeup?

  • Usually I do but sometimes there are some products I don’t

Do you go to CCO’s? (cosmetic company outlets)?

  • If there is one near to me ill go and check it out.

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

  • Yes and I have, they are really fun and interesting.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

  • Not really, no

Name a makeup crime that you hate?

  • when the colour doesn’t match their neck/ the rest of their body

Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

  • They look cool but I usually go for a more neutral look

Which celebrity always has great make up?

  • Meghan Markle

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?

  • any type of foundation

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

  • yes but I wouldn’t feel at all confident

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?

  • UMM that could be up to debate haha

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?

  • I love me some too faced

What do you think of Makeup??

  • LOVE IT obvs
Thank you for reading! I tag you! Love, Niamh Xx

Barcelona Travel Guide

Hey! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. Last September I went to Barcelona with my friends for a long weekend. We arrived late Thursday night and then left late Sunday night so we had three filled days there.


On the Friday morning we first went to Mount Tibidabo and visited the amusement park and the church. The mountain is obviously high up so the view is absolutely incredible due to the fact that you can see all the way across the city. The inside of the church was gorgeous and the whole place was so picturesque and so beautiful I would completely recommend going to visit here as it is so beautiful and their is a very nice hike that you can take to get up there.

After we went to the sagrada familia and got a tour around it. It was the most beautiful church i’d ever seen and the outside was so intricate that it was so unbelievable! It’s such a good place to visit whilst away in Barcelona because it’s obviously an iconic building and it is so beautiful.

Afterwards we returned and had a Spanish dance class which was extremely fun and i would recommend for any friends who go to visit a holiday place or visit another country it is just so much fun.


On Saturday morning we went to a small village and looked through the shops and markets then headed down to a park where we had a picnic and looked at the beach, we then went into the main city of Barcelona and looked at all of the beautiful buildings and went to Las Rambles which was so busy but worth it because of the amount of shops it felt like such a real Barcelona experience because of how famous it is (AND the sephora has a slide!!!!). We then went to the hard rock cafe which was alright but I am sure there are some better places to go for food in Barcelona. After, we went to a fountain show which was absolutely amazing because it had music and lights and it was so fun to dance in the fountains with my friends!! I would recommend going to see it so much because it was incredible and one of the main highlights of the trip!


On sunday morning we went into the city and then the picasso museum which was interesting and very aesthetically pleasing. We then wondered about the city and walked up to the olympic stadium and the olympic pool which was so cool to see how big it was and how beautiful. We then walked to the New Camp- Barcelona football stadium which was interesting and was quite impressive and the cafe there was good! I would recommend for anyone even people who aren’t football fans. After that we looked around the city a bit more and then left to go to the airport, where we had a flight from hell haha.

Thank you so much for reading! Barcelona is amazing and if you are looking for anywhere to go to i would highly recommend this amazing city!

Love, Niamh Xx

Hello 2019!!

Hey!! Welcome back to my blog I want to do a little blog post about 2019 and what I’m going to do this year and all that jazz.

2018 was a very good year and I did so many things that will stay in my memories forever and I loved the year, even though everything has its ups and downs! I already have such good plans for next year already and I am so excited to see them come out.

I have so many plans educational-y (? is that a word? haha we can pretend it is) and for traveling this coming year and I couldn’t be more thrilled although I am sure this year will come with some hardships!

This year will hopefully be one to remember and I am really excited to see what happens and how I have changed from this month and I by December I hope I have lots that I am able to reflect on and be extremely grateful for!

This post is a bit different but I think that hopefully this time next year I will read this and know that my wishes will have come true.

Thank you so much for reading! What are you hoping for this year? Love, Niamh Xxx

2018 Favourites!

Hey, so 2018 is over and as I took a major break from blogging my New Years resolution is to start again and become much more active in my writing and more creative outs-sects rather than sitting watching Netflix and browsing social media. The good thing about leaving blogging for a few months means that I have lots of ideas to write about so hopefully you will enjoy my content haha!

I think 2018 was a pretty good year for me, I travelled (see photo below haha) and did many things with family and friends which I have loved, and 2018 was a pretty good year for films and music!


One of my favourite films that came out this year was Mama Mia Here We Go Again. The music and feel good reunion has made this music one of the most loved of the year. I love ABBA and the original Mama Mia film so I was ver excited and had my standards set VERY high for this movie, and I was not let down, some bits were cheesy but overall I adored this one!

Another film I loved was Avengers Infinity War, I don’t usually like action movies and things like that but this year I have binged marvel films and I loved this one I thought it was so clever and very interesting how they brought all of the different films together.

A film that came out this year which I thought was very under rated was The Hate U Give, I thought it was very well written and it really showed how gun crime effects people closest to it and the soundtrack was amazing!


This year was a good year for music but as I only usually listen to musical soundtracks (haha I know) that I will probably be choosing the most basic songs that came out this year ahh.

An album I loved this year was sweetener by Ariana Grande. As a huge Ariana fan I knew I would love it as she can do no wrong in my eyes but I instantly did, as always I didn’t love some of the songs but also their where songs I loved.

Another song I loved was ” When the Party’s Over” by Billie Ellish, I thought it was a very well thought out song and that the music of it was just amazing.

Overall I thought that 2018 was a great year, I hope you had a good year and I’m so glad to be back and I really hope you have a fabulous 2019!!

Thank you for reading! Love Niamh Xx

Does QMEE Work?

Hi everyone! This isa bit of a different post but I thought it would be quite an interesting one to do.

When I was looking over the internet for easy ways to make money and Qmee popped up so I looked at it and I really like using it.

Qmee is an app where you can take surveys or you can get money just for google-ing things. Usually, the surveys are around 50p per survey and they take different amounts of times to take. And if you download Qmee it runs in the background of your searching and you can get coupons or you can get a link and it will give you money if you click on the link and leave it on for a few seconds. You don’t need to try you just have to search what ever you usually search.

You can link the money to your PayPal or you can get a gift card or you can donate it to charity, which I think is a really nice idea because eoyu can give your money to yourself OR give it too other people who need it.

I would recommend making an account if you want to make some quick, easy money (be warned it takes a long time to make loads haha). Thanks for reading, Love Niamh.


NICE Travel Diary

Hi! This Summer my family and I went to Nice, we stayed on the promenade des anglais, opposite the beach. We could easily walk along the prom. and get into the centre of the city. On one day we got a train tour and saw most of the square. We also went up the “Castle Hill” and saw the most breathtaking views. You could see almost the whole of Nice, and the pictures honestly do not do it justice!IMG_6757IMG_6754

The next day, we went for a little walk around the centre and got dinner, we mooched around for most of the day and it is so easy to just walk around or you can get the buses that there are in Nice because they all come quite quickly and they aren’t too pricey.IMG_6724IMG_6723IMG_6733IMG_6741

the next few days we had beach days, the problems with beach days is that the beach are made with stones and not sand so it can be bit uncomfortable sometimes, but you do get used to it as there are many different things you can do on them and in Cannes the beaches are sand, and probably in other places haha!

Then we got the train to Monaco and we went for a walk in Monte Carlo and looked at all the expensive shops and all the expensive cars. It was so impressive and it was very pretty and photogenic, however I didn’t take that many pictures I just took in the sights haha!IMG_6809IMG_6804IMG_6797

Nonte Carlo is such a beautiful city and I wish we could have spent more time here! We also went on a day trip to Cannes and sadly I left my camera in the apartment then but it is absolutely stunning and the beaches are very nice and there are lots of shops you can go to!

Thanks for reading, Love Niamh Xxx