How To Pack!

Hi! I know it’s not holiday season anymore but I am flying to Barcelona in a few days so I thought it would be good to put a post out about how/what to pack because it could be very helpful! I think I have already done a post on this but I think this will be more improved!


Obviously, it depends on where you are going but this is what I would recommend for a hot country:

  • t-shirts, crops and bodysuits
  • shorts and skirts- everyday casual ones and ones that you could wear for a night out
  • A few dresses and playsuits, ones that you won’t get too hot in
  • A jacket incase you go out and it is a bit colder or it rains
  • Some swimsuits and bikinis



  • Earrings and other pieces of jewellery
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • A pair of sandals or sliders
  • Books IMG_7000.JPG

That’s all I can think of right now, thanks for reading

Love, Niamh Xx

Autumn Tag

Hi all, sorry for not writing recently! As it is already the end of September I have decided to do the autumn tag! I love autumn because of all the beautiful colours and the fashion. I tag who ever wants to do this to do it…

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you? 

I think when the weather turns colder and all the tress start to change colour because it begins to feel very seasonal because the colours remind me off the season and the weather makes it easier to dress in Autumn fashion.
2. What is your favourite Fall scent?

I love the smell of marshmallows, so every scent that is marshmallow and fire based is one of my favourites, this isn’t the question but I think that pumpkin is not a nice smell so most autumn scents aren’t my favourite because they use pumpkin!
3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?

I like like a dark maroon because it is so easy to wear and I think it looks extremely pretty and seasonal.
4. What is your favourite Fall drink?

hot chocolate, I know this isn’t really Autumn related but when the weather gets colder I like to drink it more!
5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?

Because I am basic I am excited to see the new season of Riverdale and the new season of Brooklyn Nine Nine as these are some of my favourite shows!
6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?

I adore cropped jumpers and knee high boots, I could sped all the money in the world and not have enough pairs of boots!
7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

Decorating for Halloween or just for autumn in general. I think this is because it can make you feel more seasonal if your home is seasonal.
8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

A bold dark lip, I love dark lip colours especially when the weather is cold!

Thanks for reading, Love Niamh Xxx

Favourite Things About Summer

Hi everyone, as summer is coming to an end I thought it would be nice to share what my favourite things about this season are because there are many different reasons to love summer.

I live in England so summer weather us quite rare,however,I do love being able to sunbathe with friends. The hot weather makes everyone seem happier because sun is a lot more cheerful than rain. I also love BBQs and in the heat a lot of people organise them to celebrate with friends.

Another thing I love about summer is the beauty of nature that comes out in the Summer. Most flowers are more colourful and they are very beautiful and so beautiful to take pictures of.

I also love the fruit that is eaten in summer because things like watermelon and strawberries are so delicious and they are a reason that I love summer because the sweetness of these fruits are a very summery treat.

Spending days at the beach with a friend are so fun because it gives you something do to outdoors and they are really pretty and they can give you some great photos for Instagram, haha.

I love all the summer style and fashion, like crop tops and shorts or summer dresses. I also like the makeup aspect of summer because it is very bright and dewy. I love having pink lipsticks and a lot of dewy highlighter on because it makes your face look fresh. IMG_6592IMG_6914IMG_6347

That’s all I can think of right now. So thank you for reading.

Love, Niamh Xxx


Plane Essentials

Hi everyone, I feel like I may have missed the time when everyone has gone away however you can still use this post all year round because you can obviously go on holiday anytime you want! I thought for this post I would share my tips for what to bring on a plane because they can be very boring and the air pressure can mess with your skin.

As you can only take 100ml of liquid on a plane, you obviously can not take a face spray on, which would be quite helpful because iron planes isn’t the nicest and can take the moisture out of your face. I think its helpful to bring some face wipes to remove makeup or just grime from the airport, and then I think you should bring a moisturising face mask so that your face doesn’t get too dry.

I think that you should bring a few different things to do as planes can get pretty boring as there isn’t much to do. A basic thing you can bring are your headphones so that you can listen to music and to also download a few games on your phone that don’t need wifi because you can play them too pass the time as they easily get addicting.IMG_6935.JPG

Other things you can bring are books or magazines because reading makes the mind stronger and usually when you read the time goes quite quickly and it makes the length of the plane go by very quickly.IMG_6933.JPG

You can also use the time on the plane to be productive like going through your work or working on other things that are not for work and you’ve been doing it in your free time. It’s helpful because you can spend three hours on a plane and you can get a lot done in that time.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading

Love,Niamh Xxx

ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette- Voyager

Hi everyone, today I am going to be reviewing the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette in Voyager. I got this Palette about a month ago so I haven’t really used it that often so it is kind of a first impression.

The palette is small and it only has six eyeshadows. I like how it is small because it means it is easy to take to places and also means it fits in small purses and bags so you can take it everywhere. The packaging is a dark brown colour with a metallic gold geometric design all over it. I think it is very pretty and because it is metallic it makes it stand out more. IMG_6696.JPG

It has six different colours and it has three mattes and three shimmer shadows and they are all quite neutral tined colours so I think they are all useable for me as I don’t often use bright colours on my eyes.IMG_6698.JPG

The first shadow is called “Bitter Start” and it is a matte cream which is good to use in the corner of your eyes to make them look brighter and also to use as a base for your eyeshadow, to make your eyeshadow pop.

The second eyeshadow is called “Substitute For Love” and it is a light brown coloured matte shadow and it is nice and simple and it could be used as part of an intense eye look or used on its own just for a simple, natural look.

The next eyeshadow is another matte called “Freshly Toasted” and it is a deeper brown eyeshadow with maroon tones underneath so it looks quite like a deep red. I think it is quite natural but it can also make an eye look stand out because of the red undertones in it.IMG_6700.JPG

The second row is made of shimmer shadows and the first one is a golden shimmer called “Pure Ganache” and it is a golden shadow which doesn’t have yellow undertones in it so it looks quite pink. It is very creamy so when it comes out it can be used on its own as it doesn’t look like just a big bunch of glitter on the eye.

The second one is called “Warm Notes” and it is probably the shadow that stands out the most because it it a shimmer deep red colour which has dark purple undertones in it. It is very pretty and although I don’t usually like bright colours and it is a very stand out colour I like using this shadow because of how pretty it is.

The last shadow is a dark brown shimmer called “Subtle Blend” and it is a very pretty brown with a little bit of shimmer but not too much so that it looks like a bronze colour.

The shadows in this palette are all very pretty and they are extremely pigmented and creamy which makes them easy to blend and look very pretty on the eyes. As they are all very pigmented they come up very bright on your eyes so less is more with them, which means that the palette will last very long.IMG_6702.JPG

Love, Niamh Xx

48 Hours In London

Hey guys, recently I have spent two days in London (it was bit less than 48 hours but I thought I would just round it up, haha).

We went early morning and we arrived back home late Tuesday evening. When we got there we took the underground to the station in Knightsbridge which was just a few minutes walk from our hotel. We then arrived at the hotel and unpacked our suitcases and got dressed up for an afternoon in London. We took the underground to Covent gardens and browsed in the shops for a while and then we had our dinner in Byron’s ( I think haha) wish was delicious however I didn’t get a photo ( I know, big blogger fail!) then we went for a walk looking at some of the west end theatres.

Next, we got the underground to Victoria because we were watching Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. To keep a long story short, if you are a fan of musicals you should definitely check this out because it is absolutely amazing. We went to stage door which was a highlight of the night because we got to meet the amazing and lovely actors who were in the show.

The next morning we woke up early and left our luggage at the hotel and went for breakfast in a small cafe in Knightsbridge, where we then walked to Harrods, just to browse of course haha. We then walked to Buckingham palace which was extremely busy because it was very hot and the tourists were swarming the area. We stopped to get an ice cream and then continued to walk through the park. We got to Big Ben which was covered in scaffolding so we couldn’t actually see any of it which was a shame.


We then got the underground to near the hotel where we collected our luggage and got lunch near the station so we eat and then got the train back home.

It was an amazing two days!

Love, Niamh


Where I’ve Been

Hi guys! This is a little life update about where I have been and why I haven’t been posting blogs as much. Recently, I have been extremely busy with my work and I have been taking all of my time to do extra revision and work. I have had hardly any spare time and I have had hardly any idea to make these blog posts. I have also been trying to keep up activity on twitter which has kept me updated on the blog life around my followings and what is happening on the blog timeline. I have a break of off work now so I can focus on writing these blog posts and that’s really exciting for me!

That’s all for this extremely small post!

Love, Niamh Xx

Summer Tag

Hey! Today I am going to be doing a summer tag! I wasn’t tagged by anyone I just thought this would be quite an easy post to do as I’m quite busy right now. Anyway I am going to tag whoever wants to do this tag, so if you want to be sure to tag me in your post!

  1. Are you a summer person?                                                                                                             yes 100% I absolutely love summer!
  2. What is your favorite thing about the summer?                                                                   I love the weather and the fashion.
  3. Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the summer?                                                       Outdoors
  4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?                                                                             Ben and Jerry’s Phish food or just chocolate ice cream because I’m basic.
  5. What is your favorite summer clothing?                                                                           I like wearing day dresses if I want to look more formal or just shirts and a crop top.
  6. Beach or Swimming pool?                                                                                                              Probably the swimming pool if it is a private one but I do love the peach.
  7. What do you like most about the beach?                                                                                 I like how there is a lot to do and the waves are fun to play in.
  8. What is your least favorite thing about the beach?                                                                                   The sand is really annoying because it gets everywhere and I do not like the sea in the water because it is quite painful if it gets in your eyes.
  9. What is your favorite summertime song?                                                                                    I don’t really have one, I like most summer songs because they have such a nice vibe.
  10. Favorite summer time movie?                                                                                               I don’t know what counts as a summertime movie but I feel like grease does because it’s set in the summer at the beginning
  11. What is your favorite summertime restaurant?                                                                         I like La Tasca because it is Spanish food and it reminds me of holidays in Spain
  12. Do you or eat out more often during the summer?                                                         Eat out because there is more choice and it is easier to get out and to places.
  13. Do you party a lot during the summer?                                                                                   Yes, I go out more than when in the winter
  14. What is your best summertime memory?                                                                               We went to Portugal when I was younger with my cousins and I have the funniest memories of when we went to the water park there.
  15. What annoys you most about the summer?                                                                            I do love the weather but sometimes when it gets far too hot I hate it especially when I am at home
  16. Do you spend more money during the summer?                                                             Yes because there is more fashion to buy
  17. Do you prefer to keep longer or shorter hair in the summer?                                         I love my longer hair but when it is so hot I’d rather have my hair short
  18. Who do you usually spend most of your summer with?                                                     My friends and my family
  19. Where would you go for your dream summer vacation?                                              Bora-Bora or New York!

That’s all for today, thank you for reading,

Love, Niamh Xxx

June Favourites

Hi everyone,

This year has literally flown by how is it July already? This past month I have been extremely busy and it has gone so quickly. Today I am going to go through my favourites this month.

Firstly, as it has been so hot I have been loving the Mario Badescu rose water because as it is really hot it has made me feel a lot cooler to refresh my face by spraying it with the rose water.IMG_6618

Next I have been loving the dandelion highlighter from benefit because it makes you glow and glowing is important during summer because when the light reflects on it you look really gloomy and I love looking gloomy because it reminds me of holidays.IMG_6323

I have also been loving the Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick in “Electric Pink” because it is very bright and such a nice formula on your lips which is great because you don’t want your lips drying up. I love how it is bright because it goes so well with all the light and colour from the summer.IMG_2473

A book I have loved this month is “The Hate U Give” because it is such a good story and a really important message about BLM and I am extremely happy because of how it is being made into a film because I think it will bring even more publicity to the book.

I really love the 24 hour colour tattoos from Maybelline because they are a really nice formula and I live that they come in a lot of different colours because they can work with everything and they can make really complex looks or they can be used for extremely simple looks.

That’s all for today,

Love Niamh Xxx