Travel essentials

Hi guys, I’m going on holiday to France the day you’re reading this so on that same topic I’m going to be talking about all the things you need to have when you go away.

Firstly you will obviously need to take your clothes. I would say take enough outfits for one every night but like mix and match, so you could take one top and make it into two outfits because you could wear it with jeans or skirts.

I always take some of my most used makeup in my bag and if I am going on a plane I will take small amounts of foundation and a travel sized concealer and mascara.

I always take a couple of books because I love to read whilst I’m traveling and if we are going on a holiday in Sumer I always read on the beach or by the pool.

You literally NEED earphones to listen to music and the place or whilst you’re travelling because who doesn’t like listening to music ??

I always take my camera and polaroid because if you go to a really pretty place its just nice to remember what it was like and how it looked.

hair products and skin products because when you go to different countries your skin reacts differently to temperature differently.

face wipes because your skin can become really dry when travelling and the wipes will help you moisturise your skin again.IMG_6224

That’s all, Thank you for reading have a brilliant day

Love, Niamh


March favourites

Hi everyone,

As it is the end is march today I’m going to be going through what things I have been loving.  From makeup to chocolate and everything in between I’m just gonna say what it is and why I like them, because that’s what you do in a favourites blog haha.



I will always have makeup in these types of blogs because makeup is one of my favourite things. I use makeup pretty much everyday and its my go to thing when I’m bored. I love to look and different types, make wish lists and practice on my face.

  1. I have been loving the NYX brow pomade because it just makes your eyebrows look fuller and it can make your brows look any way you want. I think it is a pretty good dupe for the Anastasia brow pomade because the formula is pretty much the same.
  2. The revolution contour palette the shades are very pretty and the the highlighters and contour are so nice and they are very pigmented but it’s also quite build able.
  3.       3.I’ve also been loving true brown K by Kylie cosmetics because its a very bold colour and its so very pretty.
  4. MWX lashes (from Meg who does my eyebrows and nails and makeup for me) they are so nice and only £10 and you can get them here 😉


My skin isn’t the best and I have to try quite a lot to keep on top of it. I like using different types of skin things like face wash and face masks and creams etc

  1. I am obsessed with the no7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser because it really helps my skin and gets rid of any spots and redness that you have on your face.
  2. deep action spot clearing body spritz is really good after you’ve washed your face just to spritz because it also helps to get rid of any redness and if you have a big red spot it helps calm that.
  3. skin republic anti spot and pore refining sheet face mask, I like this one because it’s really good and makes your skin feel really nice and it actually helps your skin. You can use it more than once and you can buy it from Superdrug.


  1. A film I have been obsessed with is The Greatest Showman because the soundtrack is amazing and the acting and just everything about it I’m loving.
  2. recently I’ve been obsessed with watching Zoella’s blogs I’m not sure why I’m just loving watching them.
  3. As well as blogs I’ve been obsessed with PR unboxing and declutters because I love looking at new makeups and the makeup people don’t really like that much.
  4. I have been loving the dairy milk medley chocolate, with bits of biscuit, fudge and dark chocolate which is really bad for you but it tastes really nice and I recommend it especially if you have cheat days or you want a movie snack or whatever
  5. It’s not really an object but lately I have been loving all the turnouts for the March for our lives and all of the generations who are showing the teenager and people who have suffered their support.

That’s really all I’ve got at the moment, comment down below what you have been loving.

Love, Niamh Xxx


Matte Me Lipsticks| BUY OR BYE

Hi all, it’s me again (obviously) I hope you’ve all had a lovely day or night or whatever….

The last “buy or bye” blog I did was by far my favourite post I’ve done yet and it was the most liked and seen one so I thought I would do another one, this time about the sleek Matte Me lipsticks. I have 4 minis that this post is going to be about because I just thought it would be easier to do it as the ones that came in the set.♥



This is a metallic matte lip cream in the shade volcanic and the colour in the tube is like a metlalic-y purple. The packaging is very basic but it’s sleek (which is probably why the company is called it, duh) and as it’s a mini it is very small but its got quite a lot of product in it and it is good to travel with.


When you swatch it the colour is not very pigmented so it would be good on top of a matte lipstick as a topper because on its own the colour might not come through. The colour is very pretty and its very purple when it comes out and the metallic bit looks so beautiful.


It take a little while to dry but when it does it isn’t to drying because as it says it is a cream. It’s very inexpensive and beautiful so if you can still get your hands on it I would recommend you to buy this.


This is another metallic one and in the tube it looks a darker purple and the glitter looks very pretty. The packaging is the same because they are all from the same set so they are all the same.


Yet again when you swatch it is not that pigmented and the colour is a dark purple and when you put it in the light it goes a lighter purple, which is very pretty. I love the way metallic look and they are so out there and I like having different lip colours from brights to nudes.


Again it takes a while to dry because of how the formula is a cream but it isn’t drying and it is very nice on your lips. This is inexpensive as well (because they’re from a set lol)


This one isn’t a metallic one and it is a very pretty deep red colour which is so pretty for autumn. The packaging is the same as the other ones. who would have thought? haha.


When you swatch this one is very pigmented it comes a gorgeous cherry colour and it’s honestly the most amazing colour for fall, I’m in love.


It drys pretty quickly and it is slightly drying but not too much for you to want to take it off. I love the way this one looks and it is very inexpensive and I’m pretty sure you can buy a full sized one.


This one isn’t metallic and in the tube it is a very pretty colour. It is like a dark nude, and the packaging is the same obviously and I love the way they look together as a set.


When you swatch it, it is so pigmented and I’m in love with the colour because it is such a pretty nude colour and its honesty so amazing to me. You could easily wear this on a night out or just going out for coffee or anywhere in-between.


This one dries quite quickly as well and it is slightly drying but the colour and the rest makes up for it, they also stay on very well and overall they look amazing. You can definitely buy this on online

Overall I definitely recommend this set because all of the colours are beautiful and the consistency is honestly amazing. If you want to buy them you can find some of them here


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy this post 🙂 comment below your favourite lipstick brand. 

Love, Niamh



The bast way to have a pamper evening!

Hi guys, welcome back. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, today I am going to be talking about pamper evenings. We all need pamper days or nights to relax after a stressful week or before doing something nice like your birthday or days like that. Im going to be talking you through what I usually do on a pamper night and other things you can do if you want. So lets just get on with it….

Firstly I will run myself a nice bath and use a lush bath bomb and bath melt or whatever bath products I can use or what kind of mood I am feeling. While that is running I will take my makeup off and get my hair out of my face by either tying it up or using a “spa” headband. I love having a nice bubbly bath to soak in whilst I watch some youtube videos or Netflix episodes. Usually as well I shave my legs in the bah because I love doing it and the way my legs feel after doing it, but I know it stresses some people out and they don’t like doing it so if you don’t like it, don’t do it.


When I get out I usually put on my PJS and leave my hair out of my face and then I will out a facemark on for 15 minutes and make myself a cup of tea. After I’ve taken my facemark off I will just do my normal skincare routine (if you’d like to see a blog post on that comment below♥) and maybe add a few extra things that I don’t use all the time. I will then put a film on or a TV show and watch that for a while whilst I do my skincare.


Then when I’ve finished my skincare I will tan my legs and then do my nails. I find doing these so relaxing because I just love doing things like that. I will also watch some Netflix and then do some colouring at the same time so that I can be fully relaxed I. I will then get into bed and read some of my book or a magazine and then I sleep.


I hope you found that quite interesting and comment below what you do on your pamper nights. Thanks for reading

Love, Niamh Xxx


Revolution Palettes- BUY OR BYE??

Hi Guys, welcome back

Today I’m going to be reviewing 3 makeup revolution palettes. **These are my palettes and all opinions are my own** I honestly love makeup revolution but I dont have many of their products because I always just test them out in the shop and never end up buying them, but I have a few palettes so I thought I would just test those out and tell you whether I recommend them. Without further ado…..


This palette comes with 12 shimmer eyeshadows, 6 mattes and a huge mirror. It also comes with one of those little brushes that aren’t helpful and no-one uses them haha.


I think that the shimmers are quite random colours and I would be more likelymto use the mattes because they are nude colours and they’re more what I draw too but they are very pretty colours.


The pigmentation is okay considering its only a drugstore product and the mattes definitely have a better pigmentation.

Overall I like this palette but its not my favourite.


Firstly the packaging on this is so pretty the colour is just gorgeous so it draws your eyes to it straight away. Inside there are 32 eyeshadows and a big mirror, with a mix of shimmers and mattes but mainly mattes.


The colours are ranging from browns to pinks and they are all very autumnal and lovely. They are quite pigmented, about the same as the other one which you could probably guess because its the same brand.


Overall I think this is a very nice palette and I would recommend this one very much.


Yet again the packaging on this is very pretty, it’s the same as flawless 3 because they are from the same range and they look so nice together. Inside there are 32 colours ranging with shimmers and mattes and the mirror is the same size.


The colours in this one are more pinky and they are more on that side the spectrum whereas the other one was more on the brown side. The colours are quite pigmented, shocking I know. And I really like the formula these eyeshadows are made into.


Overall I would recommend this product as well because it is good for the amount it is and the colours are stunning.


Out of all of these palettes my favourite is FLAWLESS 3 and if you like the look of any of these you can buy them from here

Thats all for today, comment below your favourite eyeshadow palette of all time!

Love, Niamh




Get to know me Tag



Today I’m going to be doing a tag with random questions and then you can learn more about me. If you’re reading this I tag you to do it and let your readers learn more about you. I was also thinking about whether to make a twitter for this blog post so my readers can read about other things and give me opinions on what to write. Comment if you think I should do this. Without further ado… Here’s the tag

Favourite colour? 

my favourite colour is probably pretty basic as it’s rose gold because I just think it’s such a beautiful colour and it’s really girly which is my kind of style.

Cats or dogs ?

this on is easy for me, dogs all the way!

How many countries have you been too?

to be honest I couldn’t count but its quite a few because my family loves to travel

Favourite drink?

I love pink lemonade lucozade (healthy, I know) I could literally drink this all day everyday, but I don’t want my teeth to fall out

Tea or coffee?

I am British so obviously tea

Favourite/ least favourite subject

I love French, Spanish, history and English Lit but I can’t do maths or science so they are definitely my least favourite subjects

Describe your fashion sense

I think my fashion sense differs, I love to wear girly outfits and anything with black jeans. I love to wear cropped hoodies and nice t-shirts. I would say my ideal style is a mix between Blair and Serena from gossip girl

Ideal first date? 

I would love to do something original, rather than going out to a restaurant, maybe going out to the beach or looking at the stars where you can have a meaningful conversation with someone, I think it would be the best way to connect with someone new.

That’s all, thank you for reading comment down below what your ideal first date ii!

Love, Niamh




Revision Tips


even though its not really exam season, we have been having loads of tests and I think these are helpful throughout the whole year if you have any small tests or your big exams…

  1. Start early, everyone says this but you should start revising early so that you can go through more content and go into more detail with what you are revising
  2. Cue cards, write questions on cue cards and get people to test you you can write loads of different things in them like dates for history, vocab for languages or just random questions for other lessons and then get someone to test you
  3. Past papers, these are really good for practice questions and showing you what it will be like in the exam you can find loads of these on different websites if you just google the paper you are dong (for example “AQA history”)
  4. Voice recordings, for any language tests, especially for speaking, you can record your self or someone else speaking the language and listen to them when you are going out, in the car and other places because then your pronunciation will be better because you will know how to say it
  5. Mind maps, mind maps are a great way for visual learners to learn because you can link things together if you didn’t realise they were linked, you shouldn’t spend to much time making them look nice but you can still put effort in so you want to look at them.
  6. Quizlet, is an amazon website which you can use to learn any subject really and you can play games and do quizzes etc
  7. Notes, put notes all around your house in places you know you will see them so you can learn them, when you are doing other things like making breakfast or brushing your teeth.
  8. Rewards, treat yourself after you’ve done some revision like snacks or a TV programme or if you revise for a full week/month buy some clothes or go out so that you have motivation to revise.
  9. List, these are so helpful to show what you need to do and what you need to revise so you focus on the important things rather than things that you don’t need to know or is just extra detail. They can also help organise your whole day rather than just revision
  10. NO Distractions, don’t revise in front of the TV or near your phone if you have to you can listen to music but only classical music or smooth music not upbeat because it will s=distract you from revising

What are your tips for revising?

Love Niamh xxx

Travel bucket list


Today I’m going to be saying the places I most want to visit/ re-visit because I love to travel and visit all over the world. When I am in a few years I want to travel for six months alone, or with a friend as I think that would be really good to discover new things and places about yourself.

  1. New York -I would love to go to New York City because its beautiful in both, Winter and Summer and all of the shops, buildings and monuments. I think it is one of the most stunning cities in the world and I would love to stay there in the centre.
  2. Bora Bora -I think Bora-Bora looks like one of the nicest places on the planet because of all the sea and the huts look so amazing, but to stay there it costs a lot of money.
  3. Paris(again) – I loved Paris the first time I went because it was so picturesque and interesting, all of the basic tourist attractions are so nice and the river is so beautiful.
  4. Mykonos – It’s such a beautiful place and the weather looks amazing. I would love to visit here with my friends because it would look amazing.
  5. Fiji- I think this is like Bora- Bora in the same way I want to go because of how beautiful it is and the sea
  6. Barcelona- It’s such a beautiful place and I’m going in September with friends and school, so I’m very excited because of how amazing it looks
  7. Bordeaux- I love France so much and this city just looks absolutely incredible so I would love to visit. I feel like every where in France is amazing like the skiing and the south and just the big cities.
  8. Amalfi Coast- Italy is gorgeous and as you can tell, I just love the beach so I would adore it here because its so picturesque and stunning.

I know this list will grow over time because the more I delve into places and countries the more places I want to visit so I will continue to make more of these, probably.

Love, Niamh

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Blogging Goals


So I have officially made my blog and as I want to do this for a while I am going to make some goals for this year so I can try to continue and carry on doing this.. they will be simple goals as I’m not trying to achieve to much but I still want to do this. I’m not going to make a long list but I’m going to write them and write why I want to do this.

  • write more, I want to do this because I am interested in writing and when I am older I want to get a job in this field like journalism etc….
  • photography, I love taking photos and I’m doing a GSCE in it so I think doing this and having photos on it will help me take more photos and the editing
  • following, I want to get a high following where people can read my blogs (ofc) and thats how you grow your publicity

I know its a very small list but I couldn’t really think of anything else without stating obvious things. as I get into more interesting topics these blogs will become a lot longer because so far I haven’t really done any long blogs.

Love, Niamh